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Repair Windows Safe Mode When Corrupted With Safe Mode Fixer

Windows Safe Mode is used for logging into Windows in a secure environment when there is a system-critical problem which interferes with the normal functioning of the operating system. Safe Mode serves as perhaps the last line of defense to fix system issues before you have to resort to a wipe and load installation. For this reason, Windows Safe Mode sometimes is targeted by malware to disable it from functioning. If your system is badly infected and you fail to boot from Safe Mode, then it becomes quite difficult to fix critical system issues. SMFixer or Safe Mode Fixer is an application which can rescue you in case your computers Safe Mode becomes unresponsive.

Just launch this portable application and click Fix. Doing so will reboot your system immediately. Therefore, so make sure that you save all your work before taking such an action.

SMFixer v1.1.0.0 - For personal USE only!

Once the system reboots, you can press F8 to boot into safe mode. Please bear in mind that this software requires administrative privileges to function, make sure that no program on your system is blocking access for SMFixer for it to function properly.

Safe Mode

SMFixer can repair Safe Mode of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download SMFixer


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