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HTTrack Website Copier: Save Any Website As An Archive To Hard Disk

HTTrack Website Copier is an open source website archiving utility that can download an entire website in the form of an offline archive on your local drive. It recursively builds all directories of the website (and/or mirror websites) and fetches its content, which can also be updated later on. HTTrack can therefore be quite handy for saving exact copies of entire websites and their mirror sites on a local folder. This can also help web masters avoid using a FTP connection for downloading copies of a website, as they can quickly do so with the help of this tool. Furthermore, it’s a cross platform application and is available for both Windows and Linux.

Archiving a website with HTTrack is easy. In the first step, enter a project name, category and specify a destination folder. The default directory for saving files is C:\My Web Sites. Click Next to proceed.

WinHTTrack Website Copier

Once done, select a downloading method and enter a URL in the URL box. The available actions for downloading content include download website(s), download website(s) + questions, get separated files, download all sites in pages (multiple mirror), continue interrupted downloads and update existing downloads. Once you have specified both the action and URL, click Next.


You can either set application to disconnect the connection or shutdown the PC after the website downloading process finishes. In case you wish to immediately download the website content, then do not select the “save setting only” option and click Finish.

Remote Acces Connection

This will start downloading the website content to specified destination folder.


HTTrack Website Copier works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Linux and Unix based operating systems.

Download HTTrack Website Copier

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