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Smart Way To Lock Your Windows 7/Vista Computer (PC or Laptop)

Most tips revolve around default Windows lock feature, but what if you want to lock the computer the moment you move away and unlock it when you come back? Blue Lock is the answer to this question, but it also works using the default Windows lock feature. The downside of the default lock feature in Windows is that you will have to manually enter the password to log back in over and over again.

It becomes annoying after a few times if your password is long and secure. So now we come to one particular question, is there any way to lock your computer when you move away and unlock it when you come back without having to enter the password? Meet Predator, a tool that requires a USB flash drive and works in a very smart way.

Just run the program, insert the USB Drive and set up some basic configurations. You will find options such as, interval to check for USB Drive, screen darkness percentage, darken multiple monitors, startup with windows, hide desktop icons, and minimize all windows.

Note: The Password section is for your own security which will come handy in case you lose your USB Drive. Make sure you have created the Key in the USB Drive(and not some local drive) before clicking OK. Give extra attention to these details.

Predator Preferences

When done, click OK and it will then sit silently in the system tray. Now once the USB drive is removed it will disable your keyboard/mouse and black out your monitor(according to the settings you have specified). When the USB Drive is inserted again, everything will be back to normal.

Note: This will not alter the files inside your USB Drive. They will remain intact and you will be able to use your USB drive like you normally do.

To pause the monitoring temporarily, right-click the system tray icon and select Pause Monitoring option from the context menu.

pause monitoring

It works by checking for the USB Drive at every defined intervals, if it doesn’t find the USB Drive, the computer will be locked according to your settings. If you want it to lock immediately on USB removal, check the Fast option.

Interesting Notes: Since the iPhone, iPod, Zune and other similar devices also work as an external storage device. I tried using the iPod instead of USB Drive and it worked. Isn’t it awesome?

Download Predator (If it doesn’t work, try downloading from here)

It works on Windows XP and Windows Vista, we gave it a successful try on Windows 7 as well. Enjoy!


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