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STDU Explorer Brings Windows 8 Ribbon Based Explorer To Windows 7

From all the Windows 8 UI enhancements, the ribbon-based Windows Explorer is the most significant improvement that you will notice. It is going to bring the much needed tabbed interface to let users easily search the basic file management tools and to switch between multiple locations under one unified interface. If you’re an avid Windows user and can’t wait to use ribbon-based Windows Explorer in Windows 7, have a look at STDU Explorer.

Before going into further details, it’s worth mentioning here that STDU Explorer is not meant to replace Windows 7 default Windows Explorer; It imitates the UI design of Windows 8 Windows Explorer and can be used in complete isolation without having to replace Windows 7 Explorer.


Apart from supporting all the basic file management operations, like copy, paste, cut, copy all, etc., it comes with an in-build file viewer as well, which can render, images (JPG, GIFF, PNG, PSD, etc), plain text (TXT, CSV, LOG) , and eBooks file formats (PDF, FB2, DCX, CBZ, DjVu).

STDUExplorerApp 1

Along with showing live file preview, you have option to filter folder by commonly used file types, such as, Images, PDF documents, comics book files, etc.

file types 3

From left sidebar, you can switch between Folders view, File preview, and Content pane. The Preview pane renders all the supported file types and show them in main preview area with options to zoom in/out the documents, images, and play/pause media files, etc.


At the right-corner of tab bar, you can see Style pull-down menu, which holds various UI themes to change the color scheme of the application.

STDUExplorerApp 5

STDU works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

Download STDU Explorer


  1. Tried it for about 5 minutes and uninstalled it. Why?

    1. It doesn’t autorefresh, so if you create a new folder it doesn’t appear until you press F5.

    2. I have altered my icons and use Iconpackager. In Windows explorer when I create a new folder, the new folder assumes the appearance I created as default folder icon.
    In STDU it shows up as the ugly yellow default icon of windows.

    3. In the folder pane on the left side favourites (aka links) doesn’t show, and that’s my main reason for dumping it. It’s one of the features I love and use most in windows explorer.

    4. Although the author has done his best to give the user a choice of skin, all four of them look rather cheap and crappy, not slick like W7’s own explorer.

    5. The whole purpose of the ribbon is to have quick access to features and settings that are hidden in the menu’s, but a lot of the feautures I hoped for are not there, and worse, STDU makes a few things that were easy in W7’s explorer, even more difficult.

    I respect the creator of STDU for putting so much effort in creating a better explorer, but I have to be honest and unbiased here.
    STDU is defenitely NOT an improvement over W7 explorer. It’s a major step back.

  2. These things don’t work. Saying this after trying 100s of such things.
    Addictive tips team test and move on as they have hundreds of tests/reviews to do. It is the user who is stuck with such junk and/or crap applications.

    • Whatever Krishna, half of the apps I run on my computer I found on this site. Thanks everyone!

    • The point of a review is to notify the user of a new, undiscovered, useful product and let them know that it has been tested to work, but a testing can never deliver the experience that would come from a daily use. I personally have found more working applications from AddictiveTips than any other tech blog you can name. Good job guys.

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