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Synchronize & Mirror Directories To Create Backup With MetroBackup

MetroBackUp is an open source application for synchronization and mirroring directories. It functions in three different modes, namely, Mirror Reference Directory, Mirror Reference Directory (without deleting files) and Synchronization. The first allows copying content from one directory to another, the second can be used to make sure that the reference directory files are not deleted, whereas, the third option allows synchronizing data to and from the selected directories. Metrobackup can be quite handy to not only create backup directories but also to sync data between important directories to mirror data. Additionally, you can also import or export XML file metadata for synchronization purposes.

To begin, click on Add Joblist and give a name to the list. When done, select the reference and target directories and a sync mode. You can use the Synchronize in both directories option to sync data between folders or use a mirror option to create a backup copy of a source folder. The mirror can be created with or without deleting files from the source folder (depending upon the selected mode). Click Synchronize to continue.

Job List

A list of the available files will be shown which will be mirrored or synced. From here, you can uncheck files to exclude (if required).  Click Synchronize again, to continue.


The selected files will be synchronized / mirrored instantly. In case you would like to import or export the files as metadata. You can choose the Import or Export option from the main interface. The information is saved as an XML file.


Once the data is synced or mirrored, the result in shown in the form of a log which displays information regarding the process. You can also obtain the log file path which appears after the completion of the synchronization or mirroring process.


MetroBackup works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, provided you have .Net Framework 4 installed.

Download MetroBackup

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  1. How does this compare to syncback? Been using that to mirror folders on my computer to my external hard drive ever once and a while. Think I like syncback better because I can set a schedule to run the backup.

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