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Top 6 Free Photo Sharing And Screenshot Taking Tools For Windows

Over a period of time we have covered lots of good screenshot taking and photo sharing applications. Screenshots are often required for making projects, presentations, tutorials and the like. While some screenshot and photo sharing apps provide minimal set of features, others provide more dynamic options such as the recording screencasts, image editing, URL link shortening, etc. In this post, we will bring you the six best screenshot taking and photo sharing tools for your desktop and provide an overview of their primary advantages to help you find the right application to match your need.


FluffyApp provides instant uploading of files via simple drag and drop functionality. It is basically a Windows version of the famous Mac based CloudApp with almost identical features. With FluffyApp, you can upload a file to the cloud by dragging them to the system tray icon. Likewise, you can take a screenshot by hitting Print Screen and upload the image to the FluffyApp server. It also provides many additional features like URL auto-shortening, which makes it easy to share uploaded content. To upload images, you will require creating an account. It is suitable for people who switched from Mac to Windows and require the CloudApp like application to instantly upload and share screenshots. For more, you can check out our review here.



min.us is a web service and a cross platform desktop application for sharing music, images, videos and documents. You can add a description to your created photo gallery, images, and get a URL for quickly accessing your online gallery. Like FluffyApp, it is a desktop app which sits in the system tray, and allows instant file uploading via simple drag and drop. You can edit galleries from the web application by signing in with your account and download gallery items, including, files, images, documents, etc, in a ZIP file. You can also share gallery links with friends and grant them permission of adding and editing items in your gallery for collective gallery creation and maintenance. The desktop application works on Windows, Mac and Linux based operating systems. Min.us is useful for those who, apart from screenshots and images, like to share documents and media files and wish to indulge in collective creation of their media gallery online. For more information about this wonderful desktop and web application, check out our review here.



TinyGrab is another great screen capturing and file sharing desktop tool and web service. It allows taking screenshots and uploading images to the TinyGrab server, Amazon S3, MobileMe, rackspace and to user-defined FTP/SFTP server. To manage your uploaded content you will require logging in with your TinyGrab account. You can take screenshots with a defined hotkey and upload it to a selected server. It works on Windows and Mac based operating system with a free application for iPhone available at the iPhone app store. It is useful for people who like to manage screenshot galleries to their own servers, and on other other cloud based services, like, Amazon S3, MobileMe, rackspace. Find out more about TinyGrab here.



Grabilla offers a single click solution for taking screenshots, recording screencasts and easily sharing them on numerous social media platforms, which includes, Facebook, Twitter, ICQ, and LinkedIn. After screenshot is taken, it uploads to the Grabilla server and opens the link in the default browser, which you can share across multiple social networks. You can record a screencast by enabling the Video mode and specifying the screen area. It uploads to Grabilla and is shareable from the given link. Grabilla is a handy application for people who require integrated features of screenshot and screencasting within a single software, along with an option to upload and share such content. Check out more about this great app here.



ScreenCatch is an application for easily taking and sharing of screenshots. Unlike other apps mentioned above, it provides an additional functionality of cropping the images before uploading it. It grabs screenshot from any application without any compatibility issues and provides a link for easy sharing of the uploaded image. You can also add screenshots as favorites for easily identification. ScreenCatch is for those users who require a minimalist screenshot capturing and cropping software, which can additionally upload content to the cloud. For more details, check out our full review here.



ZScreen is an open source screen capturing tool which uploads screenshots, pictures and text files. With ZScreen you can select the type of image that you wish to take, edit it with third party editing applications, assign hotkeys for defined tasks, and upload screenshots (by default to ImageShack). You can set a different server to upload your screenshots instead of ImageShack, e.g, an FTP server or Tinypic. It is a simple and useful app for easy screenshot, image and text file transfer to a server. For more, see our article here.



If you require a minimalist screenshot taking and file transfer software then ZScreen, ScreenCatch and FluffyApp are worth checking out. Whereas, if your requirements are more complex and demanding such as screencast and collective gallery creation, then Grabilla and Min.us can be a good choice. Whereas, TinyGrab is a worthwhile option for iPhone users and those people who may require switching between multiple servers for uploading and managing content.

Don’t forget to let us know which tool you are using and why. If you liked this post, you might want to check out our compilation of the best screenshot tools for Windows.


  1. Why have I not seen any mention of web page scrolling ability of screen capture software? To me this is #1 in essential features.

  2. I think the very best screenshot taking application is Greenshot. There’s nothing that comes even close to it.

  3. Thinking about using FluffyApp/TinyGrab. I want to be able to take screenshots, then share it with my friends using a short URL. This is actually my first time using these kinds of apps, so I’m a bit of a nooby.

  4. Zscreen is easy enough for me. Press a hotkey, click and drag, let go, and the image url link is automatically copied to your clipboard.

  5. Fluffyapp got a appstore app also :
    not from themù but fully compatible with the storage.

  6. http://wiki.dropbox.com/DropboxAddons/DropboxScreenGrabber

    If you have a dropbox account this is also good.

  7. I like awesome screen shot because it provides the ability to selective choose what portion of the screen you, as well as to add text, arrows, circles, square highlight areas with a highlighter or free hand or chosen arrows with various colors. It also provides the capabililyt to upload “temporar” to their server and subsequently send to your facebook or twitter account

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