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TreeSize Free: A Simple Tool To Analyze Disk Space

Disk analyzers shows the complete anatomy of the system by allowing user to view size of each folder, analyze disk usage, and provides other features to optimize disk working capacity. TreeSize, however, not full-featured disk analyzing utility, but lets user view the size of files & folders in a structured tree. The shining part is that it integrates with right-click context menu, allowing user to launch it anytime to view size allocation of each folder and file.

Upon launching the application, a thread will start calculating the size allocation and list down the folders and files in tree structure. You can always switch the space allocation view in MB,GB or in KB. The options and features are spread on the upper part of window, where you can change the analyzing parameters, view size with relevant percentage, reverse the sort order, etc. Folders listing can further be expanded to view space allocation of each sub-folder. One time scan is enough  to include all the sub-folders and files.

tree size1

Right-click context menu integration helps in quickly find out the size of contained folders.

tree size2

Under Scan menu, you can switch to analyze other drives and view the size allocation of each folder & file in it.


The application is of great use, with context menu integration checking which folder is taking more space is quite easy. If detailed reviewing of space allocation is required, you can consider this application for a try.

It runs on all Windows based OS, we tested it on Windows 7 x86 system

Download TreeSize

For more, check out Disk Space Fan and JDiskReport

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