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Tweak And Customize Windows 8 With Metro UI Tweaker

We have  covered some tools to help users tweak with Windows 8, including applications like Windows 8 Start Menu Toggle which disables the Metro UI and replaces it with the  Windows 7 classic start menu and Metro Controller which allows disabling the entire Metro UI and/or Windows Explorer Ribbon. Metro UI Tweaker can perform all of the aforementioned tweaks and also provides additional options for tweaking Windows 8 OS. Metro UI Tweaker lets you partially or completely disable the Windows Metro UI, as well as add Log Off, Switch user, Lock, Restart, Shutdown, Sleep and application shortcuts to the Metro interface. Using this application, you will no longer require performing registry hacks or multiple third-party applications to tweak with Windows 8.

To apply any of the tweaks to Windows 8, launch the portable EXE file, select the desired options and click Apply. You will require restarting your computer for the changes to take effect.

Metro UI Tweaker

You can disable the Metro Start Menu to use the Windows 7 style classic menu. This functionality can also be acquired with two other formerly reviewed applications, namely, Windows 8 Start Menu Toggle and Metro Controller.

Classic Start Menu

Similarly, you can choose to disable Explorer Ribbon with Metro UI (Disable Metro Start Menu and Explorer Ribbon) or keep the Metro UI and disable only the Explorer Ribbon (Disable Explorer Ribbon option). To enable Ribbon and/or Metro UI, select the respective option.

Disable Ribbon.

You can also add Lock Screen, Log Off, Restart, Shutdown, Sleep and Switch User options to the Windows 8 Start Menu. Custom shortcuts for applications can be created by specifying the path of the executable file of the respective application from Metro UI Tweaker interface.

Metro Start Menu

Download Metro UI Tweaker

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