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Windows 7 Taskbar(Superbar) GMail Notifier – C2i GMailNotifier

C2i-GMailNotifier might not be the easiest name to remember but this tool could be useful to many users who are using Windows 7. It is a simple GMail Notifier with a twist. Unlike other email notifiers that work from the system tray, it works straight from the taskbar(also known as superbar).

Just run the app, enter your email address, password, and select the refresh time. When done, hit the save button, minimize it, and then pin the app to the taskbar.


Now it will check for new emails every specified time(refresh time). If a new email arrives the icon will turn from grey to red and will show the number of emails in your inbox. Hit the taskbar icon and it will open a new window showing you the email with the following details – sender name, subject, and send time.

GMail Notifier Windows 7

I was wrong to assume in the beginning that it supports jumplist too. A GMail Notifier with proper jumplist support would be great. If you think you need to try another GMail Notifier then give it a shot, otherwise IMO this is just another one of the many GMail Notifiers out there.

Note to developers: When you say that a certain app is compatible with Windows 7 make sure you correctly point out everything. Clearly let the customers know if it supports the jumplist or not. An applciation that is developed exclusively for Windows 7 and doesn’t support jumplist is kind of crap in my dictionary(depending on what type of app it is).

Download c21-GMailNotifier

It is developed for Windows 7 only.


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