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How To Get Windows Media Player In Fall Creators Update – Windows 10

Microsoft has been deprecating some of its most popular apps. A few months ago, there was quite a bit of uproar when news began to circulate that Microsoft was going to remove Paint. It turns out that Paint can be downloaded from the Windows Store. It’s no longer under development and hasn’t been for a while now. Come the Fall Creators Update, Windows Media Player is going to be removed too. Unlike Paint, you cannot download it from the Windows Store. Here’s how to get Windows Media Player in Fall Creators Update once you upgrade to it.

The Fall Creators Update will roll out to all users on the stable channel starting October 17, 2017. The roll out, like previous major updates, will be gradual.

Get Windows Media Player

Open the Settings app and go to the Apps group of settings. Select the Apps & Features and look for the ‘Manage Optional Features’ option. Click it.

On the Manage optional features screen, click the Plus button next to ‘Add a feature’.

Look for Windows Media Players, and click the Install button. Windows Media Player will install. You won’t need to restart Windows.

Windows N Users

Windows N users never had the Windows Media Player to begin with. If you’re using Windows N, you will need to install the Media Feature Pack from Microsoft. Incidentally, this is also how to get Game Mode on Windows N.

With the Fall Creators Update, Microsoft is pushing its UWP apps more and more. Paint 3D and the Movies & Tv app are just two of the apps that are being pushed. The long-standing Paint and Windows Media Player apps are the ones being pushed out. Microsoft is also pushing Groove as a music player on to users, though it’s thrown in the towel with regards to its music streaming service.

Windows Media Player doubled as both a movie and music player. It handled most items, including DVDs and CDs well enough and people will be unhappy that it’s going. The Movies & TV app is by no-means an equal but it has its highlight features too like selecting an external subtitles file, and the mini view.

Users may want to hang on to the Windows Media Player app a little longer but the app will eventually have to go. Microsoft is improving the Movies & TV app slowly. It still has quite a long way to go if it’s going to match the Windows Media Player and hopefully, until it does Microsoft will not retire the app completely.

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  1. Not sure what’s up with this. Maybe it’s really Win10 Home. I just completed the Win 10 Pro Fall Creators Update and Windows Media Player was still there and runs. I intentionally double-checked because I had read about it being deleted and I was still using it to rip CDs.

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