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Is Puss in Boots on Netflix? How to Watch Puss in Boots from Anywhere

It’s been quite a while since Puss in Boots was released, but this computer-animated film continues to be one of our favorites. Thankfully, we can watch Puss in Boots on Netflix, so let’s go see how you can do that too.

Puss in Boots is a film that was produced by DreamWorks Animation, and it features an impressive cast that includes Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek, Zach Galifianakis, Billy Bob Thornton, and Amy Sedaris.

The Puss in Boots character first appeared in Shrek back in 2000, but this movie follows the character prior to that first appearance in Shrek 2. Puss is a fugitive who’s running to restore his lost honor. There’s a mix of fairytales, and we also meet Jack and Jill and Humpty Dumpty.

The film had a budget of over 130 million but managed to make over half a billion at the box-office. Nowadays, it continues to be a fan-favorite among adults and children alike.

Can I watch Puss in Boots on Netflix?

Watching Puss in Boots on Netflix is something that you can easily do as you will find the film is available in several markets, including the United Kingdom and Canada. At the same time, it is also missing from a lot of areas, so if you live in a country where Netflix does not have the film, you can still enjoy it. All you’re going to need to have is an internet connection, your Netflix subscription, and a VPN.

Editor’s note: NordVPN is our #1 choice for unblocking Netflix. Sign up for the 2-year plan with NordVPN at $3.49 per month, as well as 3 months for FREE. A 30-day money-back guarantee is included on all plans, so you can cancel any time and get your money back.

How can I watch Puss in Boots from another country?

Netflix is available in close to 200 markets, but it also features individual libraries in each of these. These libraries are all geoblocked, so you cannot actually access the content from abroad without a little bit of extra help.

That help comes in the form of a VPN, which can help change your IP address, so you appear to be in a different country.

A VPN will route your internet connection through its own servers and assign a new IP address to your account, which is the thing that helps you trick the site you’re visiting into thinking you are in the United Kingdom or Canada, for instance.

We recommend NordVPN because it is a tool that has thousands of servers all over the world and some great privacy features which will certainly come in handy as you try to stay under the radar.

Here’s how you can use NordVPN to enjoy watching Puss in Boots on Netflix:

  • First, you’re going to need to visit the NordVPN website and subscribe to the service. They offer 3 months for free and nearly 70% OFF the 2-year plan, so you should grab that deal as soon as possible.
  • Next, you need to get the right apps for your device and find the server that is located in the United Kingdom or Canada.
  • As soon as the connection is established, you will be able to go ahead and load Netflix in your browser or relaunch the app on your device.
    Search for Puss in Boots and start streaming the movie.

Is this method foolproof?

Unfortunately, it isn’t a foolproof method because sometimes Netflix will know when you are using a VPN. Of course, it also depends on what VPN you’re using. We can already tell you that when it comes to NordVPN, we’ve had a good experience and didn’t get spotted by Netflix.

That doesn’t mean that it cannot happen, and if it does, you can rely on the NordVPN support team. Once you explain your situation, they will guide you to a new server that works with the platform you are trying to access, namely Netflix. The support team is available 24/7, so if you have issues, you can contact them anytime, no matter where you live.

Can’t I use a free VPN instead?

Unfortunately, free VPNs are not exactly advisable to use. The problem with these VPNs is that they are entirely too risky. For instance, on numerous occasions, security researchers have discovered apps posing as VPNs that were actually malware. While people were using the app, the cybercriminals were collecting information, login details on email accounts, online banking accounts, social media, and so on. All this information is extremely valuable and can be used for identity theft, for cleaning out bank accounts, or even for data breaches against your employers, which puts even more people at risk.

Furthermore, free VPNs are pretty much the first to get blacklisted by Netflix, so you are unlikely to be able to go through the blockade anyway. Even if you did, free VPNs have few servers at their disposal but lots of users, which results in people being unable to stream anything at the proper quality.

You should also stay away from the VPNs that offer their services for free in exchange for using your device as a sort of server for other people to route their connections through. This can result in a bad performance for your device, which is not ideal. Furthermore, these tools will continue working in the background unless properly closed, which will affect your device’s performance even after you’ve stopped using the app itself.

Saving money is something that you want to do all the time, but when it comes to VPN, it’s best to pay for a premium tool because the risks are entirely too high.

Final thoughts

We hope that you will now be able to rewatch Puss in Boots and maybe bring in another fan or two of the film by allowing your kids to watch as well.

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