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Hyperlinks In Word 2010

Hyperlinks provide a simple way of referring data or element that is to be followed. Using the hyperlinks in Word 2010, you can easily refer your document’s audience to specific heading, file, page, website link etc.. Unlike other word processors, MS Word provides users with a wide range of features to easily create and manage hyperlinks. It supports almost all types of hyperlinks that users frequently use in the document. Apart from creating hyperlinks to bookmarks, you can easily choose the headings within the document that you want to link to; if shows a list of headings present in your document to let you select to create the hyperlink for. In what follows, we will explain how you can create and manage hyperlinks in Word 2010.

To get started, open a Word 2010 document in which we want to create hyperlinks.

word docu

Right-click a desired word or portion of the document and select Hyperlink.


Link To Existing File or Web Page

It will bring up Insert Hyperlink dialog, from the left sidebar select Existing File or Web Page, from right sidebar select the file for which to want to create a hyperlink, from Text to display enter text you want to display instead of a file path. Under Address, for creating hyperlink for a web page, enter webpage address. Click OK to continue.


You will see a hyperlink is created, hold Ctrl and click the link to open it.

link 1

Link within Document

Move to Insert Hyperlink dialog and from the left sidebar select Place in This Document, from main dialog you can select Headings, Bookmarks to create hyperlink with, from Text to display enter text you want to display. Click OK to continue.


As we have linked heading in the document, thus upon click, it will lead us to specified heading.

link 2-1

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LINK to Create New Document

Move to Insert Hyperlink dialog, from left sidebar select Create New Document, and from the main dialog enter the name of the document, under When to edit select an option and click OK.


This type of link will open a new document with name specified.

new document

Link to Email Address

For linking content with an email address, open Insert Hyperlink dialog, from left sidebar select E-mail Address, and from main window enter the recipient email address, under Subject write down the subject of the email message. Click OK to continue.


This Link will open up Outlook compose mail window.

mail window

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