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Insert Page Numbers In Word 2010 Document

Unlike other word processors, Word 2010 comes packed with a number of options and features to quickly insert and manage page number in the header and footer of the document. While the Page Number feature lets you easily adjust the page number, it also helps you change the numbering style and apply different formatting to make page numbers look prominent. If you’re working on a large document with a lot of pages, you may need to insert page numbers to keep the different sections of the document in order. Word 2010 includes options to quickly set the page number as per your requirements. It offers a slew of ready made page number samples that you can apply to your document. This prevents you from manually adjusting page numbers in header/footer section. In this post, we will guide you through the steps of inserting page numbers in Word 2010 and customizing page number format and styles.

Launch Word 2010 and open an existing document in which you want to insert the page numbers. As shown in the screenshot below, we have included a document in which we will be inserting page numbers with different styles.


Insert page number in header

Navigate to the Insert tab and from Page Number drop-down list, you will see a list of positions, i.e, Top, Bottom, Page margin, and Current position. Choose Top of Page position and from its submenu, select the required style from the list.

accent 1

It will insert page number at the top-right corner of the page.

page number

Insert page number in footer

For inserting page numbers in footer, select style from Page Number >> Bottom of the page.

thick line

Customize page number format

For customizing Page number Style & Format, from Page Number options, select Format Page Numbers.

format page number

It will bring up Page Number Format dialog, from Number Format, select the desired format page number. From Page Numbering, you can let Word know from which page number it should start inserting page numbers. Click OK to view changes.

page number types

It will show you the page numbers in specified format.

pager number alpha

If you don’t want to insert page number on the first page of the document, as often it contains Document title, Cover Page, or Table of Contents. Select the page number section (either header or footer), and navigate to the Design tab and from Options group, enable Different First page option.

design tab

It will remove the page number from first page, allowing you to add the desired header content.

diff first page

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