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Outlook 2010 Send/Receive Overview

Configuring Outlook with multiple POP3 or IMAP accounts is dead-easy and very beneficial when it comes to handling multiple accounts. At backend the main thread starts syncing every item with multiple accounts in Send/Receive process. Upon launching Outlook 2010 you will notice the send/receive process automatically starts up, carrying out all the updates and syncing by sending and receiving items. In this post we will try to explore each functionality it provides to send and receive items.

Launch Outlook 2010 and navigate to Send/Receive tab. Its settings and options are divided into three groups; Server, Download, and Send & Receive.

send receive

We will be putting some light on all the groups step by step.

Send & Receive

In Send & Receive group, click Send/ Receive All Folders. It will bring up Outlook Send/Receive Progress dialog, showing the progress of sending and receiving all the folder items. If you have encountered any errors lately, switch to Errors tab to view them.


Select any folder from left sidebar, and click Update Folder from this group, it will update the selected folder by sending and receiving all the items queued in pending item list. Send All option would send all the unsent items.

Now from Send/Receive Groups options, you will see all configured accounts, through this option, you will send/receive items from them exclusively. Now click Define Send/Receive Groups.

sed receive groups

It will bring up Send/Receive Groups dialog, here you can view all the groups and their send/receive settings. Select the desired group and click Edit to edit the group send/receive options. If you want to add a new group then simply click New, and fill in required field.

From bottom of the dialog, there is a list of send/receive options for selected group. If you want to remove any selected group from sending and receiving items, disable the first option. From Schedule an automatic send/receive, enter the desired time interval after which it will automatically schedule send/receive items.

Under When Outlook is Offline options, you can configure different settings for Outlook when you are not using it. You can also enter time interval for scheduling send/receive items even Outlook 2010 is in Offline mode.

send receive groups

For disabling scheduled  items, just click Disable Scheduled Send/Receive from Send/Receive Groups options.


There are two options in this group; Show Progress and Cancel All. Upon clicking Show Progress, it will show you the Outlook Send/Receive Progress dialog, showing the progress of downloading send/receive items.

send receive groups 1

When you will click Cancel All, it will cease every send/receive operation.


In this group you will find different options related with your account server. On clicking Download Headers, it will download all the headers and show you the send/receive progress dialog.


By clicking Mark to Download, you can mark desired mails to be downloaded.Click Unmark to Download to unmark message header so that they will not be downloaded. When you will click Process Marked Headers it will start to download all the marked mails.

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