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12 Awesome CyanogenMod 7 Themes [Android]

If you’re an avid Android user or, like many of us here at AddictiveTips, a power-user with ORD (Obsessive ROM-updating Disorder), then you’re probably aware of the CyanogenMod series of custom ROMs for select Android devices. The ROM is, after all, among the most feature-rich, fast and flexible ones out there. It may not have been even close to as cosmetically flexible as, say, MIUI up until the sixth version in the series (CM6), but that changed with the addition of the T-Mobile Theme Chooser application in CyanogenMod 7. Now, instead of flashing ZIP files through recovery, you can simply install themes that come in APK format and apply them from within Theme Chooser. For CM7 fans who love everything about the ROM but its stock Android look, following are 12 of the best CyanogenMod 7 themes out there (as of this writing). All of the following themes are free and can be applied from within Theme Chooser (no flashing required).


Installing a CyanogenMod 7 Theme Using Theme Chooser

The following themes are in APK format. To install and apply a theme:

  • Download / transfer its APK to the SD card and install. You will, of course, need to enable installation of non-Market applications (check the Unknown Sources option within Settings > Applications).
  • Launch Theme Chooser.
  • Swipe left or right across the screen to select the theme you just installed.
  • Tap apply and reboot (reboot is required to be able to view the changes to the notification power widget).

If you would rather not reboot after applying a theme:

  • Download Notification Restart from the Android Market. The app is free.
  • After applying a theme, launch the app and tap the button on its home screen to restart the notification bar.

If you have any problems downloading or applying any of the following themes, feel free to leave a query in the comment section below.

Honeybread (Honeycomb Theme)

Dev: GFX Android



Download Honeybread

XDA-Developers Forum Thread

NTSense (HTC Sense Theme)

Dev: nhnt11



Download NTSense (XDA-Developers Forum Thread)


Dev: kevin2516



Download GingerBlur (XDA-Developers Forum Thread)

TouchWizzed (Samsung TouchWiz Theme)

Dev: kevin2516



Download TouchWizzed (XDA-Developers Forum Thread)

Xperia Arc

Dev: kevin2516



Download Xperia Arc (XDA-Developers Forum Thread)


Dev: kevin2516


Download MotoBlur (XDA-Developers Forum Thread)


Dev: DJDarkknight


DarkGinger-Search-Google -&-Music-WidgetsDarkGinger-Transparent-DialerDark-Ginger-Messaging-and-Keyboard

Download DarkGinger (Free | Donate)

XDA-Developers Forum Thread


Dev: kevin2516



Download BuuF (XDA-Developers Forum Thread)


Dev: david1171

MinimalBread-CM7-Theme-Black-BackgroundMinimalBread-Notification-DrawerMusic-Google -and-Tips-Widgets


Download MinimalBread

XDA-Developers Forum Thread

UpwardSpiral’s Themes

Dev: UpwardSpiral



Download Blue Bionic (Free | Donate)

Download Other Upward Spiral CM7 Themes

Download Theme Chooser Wallpapers

XDA-Developers Forum Thread

Steel Blue

Dev: Team Carbon



Download Steel Blue (XDA-Developers Forum Thread)

Rover’s Themes (Mix, Blue & Cyan)

Dev: rover.prince



Download Rover’s Themes (XDA-Developers Forum Thread)


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  • jim

    surprised synergy wasn’t on there.

  • Adam Thompson

    My favorite theme from this list is the Honeybread theme. It’s actually the one I’m running on my G2X right now. It’s a very clean theme.

    • Chuong

      +1 for Honeybread theme.

  • haxzamatic

    Awesome, I love this site! I’m glad you guys like Honeybread so much. I’m about 75% done Honeybread2 if you were curious about the lack of updates. Also Synergy and Chroma are two others that are worth a download.

    • Chuong

      Thanks for your work!

  • GearPanda

    Where Awesome MIUI CM7 Theme by Z25?

  • Ayush Chand


    • boon hui soh

      how to download why can’t download for xperia x8

      • Sameed

        You’ll have to be a little clearer. All download links point either to the Android Market or XDA-Developers forum. Which theme are you having trouble with?

        • boon hui soh

          if there got write download then just click only download…right…??

  • boon hui soh

    how to applying the theme to sd card ???? can u help me i don know how to install to sd card

    • Once you have downloaded the theme to your computer, connect your Android device, mount its SD card and transfer the downloaded file to it.
      Then, disconnect your Android device, use a file manager to locate the APK on your SD card and tap on it to install (use Astro or ES file manager – you can get both for free from the Android Market).

      • boon hui soh

        how…still can’t???

  • Vivek

    Must i obtain root priveleges to use this mod?? can i revert back to my default settings after using this..? I use Xperia x10 mini..Pls help…

    • That’s right. These are CyanogenMod 7 (CM7) themes and you’ll need root access to flash (install) CM7 on your device. Here’s our rooting guide: http://goo.gl/O5bef . And here’s our CM7 guide for your device: http://goo.gl/XXsNa .

  • Mauro Flores

    hola! descargue varios contenidos pero en el celu no andan! como hago para instalar los contenidos en el celular??

  • boon hui soh

    why cannot transfer the the download file

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  • lolwut

    I like this theme:
    Its slick and minimal, black and white Windows Phone 7 Theme.

  • asif

    very good….

  • karthik

    I have downloaded the apk file for Xperia arc. But when installing I am getting an error message cannot parse package. My phone is not fast booted and rooted. Please send me an e-mail explaining step by step how to get theme. I am very thankful to you.

  • Steeve

    good work 😉

  • Noeltalmer

    erro in applying,,,,the default wallpaper always used

  • Ghr0ckr

    i farted when i saw honeybread.

    i shat bricks when i saw minimalbread!

  • Ddrmaster22

    Where is the theme chooser? I have Cm7 on thunderbolt. Can’t seem to find the theme chooser, where can I get it if it is not installed for some reason?

  • cHaMp


  • cHaMp


  • really nice themes

  • Muhammad Najmi Mohd Amir

    I’m currently using Samsung Galaxy S plus. is cyanogenmod avalaible for my phone?

  • Dhamikuljeet

    i am having Htc wildfire and have just upgraded it to cm7. I have loaded the theme NT Sence. But i dont know how to apply it on my device. I have copied the file on my sd card.
    Kindly help

  • Guest

    Where can I get the Theme chooser app?

  • Great stuff! I’m a great CyanogenMod fan! Thanks!

  • I Love Steel Blue Theme it’s Awesome and i love this Site, Thank U 🙂

  • Arti

    i pref clean design. in all of these was to much reflecting stuff for me