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MobiTexter: Send & View Text Messages In Desktop Web Browser [Android]

Texting on smartphones has become more of a fun rather than a need to stay connected. Have you ever wondered you could send your SMS now using your PC, which actually gets delivered from your smartphone? Sounds complicated, we know but several apps provide this facility these days. We have reviewed different SMS apps for Android in the past, like Texty and DeskSMS that let you send/receive text messages using your computer (and obviously there’s Airdroid as well). Another similar new app in town is MobiTexter. This application is a bit different from its other counterparts. It lets you send or receive SMS while you’re away from your mobile, and that too on the internet. It does so, by syncing the existing contacts and messages on your phone to your email account, which means even if you forgot your phone on your home, you’d still be able to send and receive your texts on your laptop. The app is ad-free, which means, whenever you send a text, it won’t show any sort of advertisement along with your message. The response rate is also instantaneous, and you won’t need to worry about whether your text message was sent or not.

MobitexterRegister Mobitexter-Featured-Image Mobitexter-syncing

After downloading the app from Play Store, the first step you perform is to register your desired email account with the Mobitexter server. After a successful registration, you can choose to sync your SMS and contacts, and access them directly from your web browser by logging onto mobitexter.net.


From there, you may go to your inbox to either compose a new message, or view your existing ones by clicking the Messages tab. Once you’re done typing your message, just click the Send button and it will send it from your phone.

Inbox2 Text-message-create-phone Inbox-Mobitexter

In case you receive an SMS, you can read it from your desktop as well. Just go to Messages and you may see all your synced SMS. One thing to notice; the messages that appear here are from the actual inbox on your phone. It does not display any separate message(s). You can delete any message you want to, but it won’t remove it from your mobile phone.


Not only does Mobitexter provide a way to view your messages from the comfort of your desktop browser, it also lets you send messages using your computer’s keyboard, which greatly helps in fast and accurate typing.

The app is available for free on Google Play Store. You can download it to your Android device from the link provided below.

chartDownload MobiTexter


  1. There are far better apps on the market that offer the same. Have a look at mysms if you wanna text from computer and tablet!

    • Just tried it, got the following error:
      The application mysms(process com.mysms.android.sms) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.

  2. Why should anyone want – other than the “MobiTexter” owner – to send SMSs necessarily from its’ phone’s browser?!

    • its used for sending sms from computer/laptop browser and not the phone browser.

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