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Most Popular Movies On Netflix in 2020

Are you scrolling through Netflix’s video library to find something worth your attention? With the new “Top 10” feature, it’s easier than ever to pick a decent film. If a keen interest in a certain title gives you enough reason to catch a flick, then our selection will come very in handy. We analyzed viewer preferences and built a list of the most popular movies on Netflix in 2020. Have a wonderful binge-watching night with these little cinematic marvels.

Despicable Me

The story of a villain with a good heart will resonate with little and grown-up viewers alike. In an attempt to assert his supervillain status, Gru and his army of minions plan to steal the moon. Will he succeed, or will newfound fatherly feelings for three charming orphans get in the way?

The Angry Birds Movie 2

The enmity between warlike birds and brazen green pigs has been going for years. Leonard, the lord of the pigs, seeks revenge after the birds ravaged his island. But the new battle isn’t that what everyone was expecting. Zeta, an insidious villain from the icy land, wants to freeze both islands and rule over them. The sworn enemies birds and pigs have to team up to confront the menace.

365 Days

The Polish film in the top-3 views on the US Netflix is an amazing achievement in itself. But given the fact that this is an erotic drama, a genre that is clearly in crisis, 365 Days rightfully deserves to be called sensational. So, the film tells the story of Massimo, a newly-minted leader of the Sicilian mafia, and a young lady Laura. Struck down by her sexuality, the mafioso kidnaps the girl and gives her 365 days to fall in love with him.

The Grinch

With Christmas being around the corner, The Grinch is well-positioned to move even higher on Netflix’s most-watched list. The Grinch is a sulky green loner living in a cave near the town of Whoville, and the only circumstance that overshadows his type of happy life is the noisy and cheerful Whovillers. After learning that his neighbors are going to throw a grandiose Christmas party, Green decides to ruin the holiday for everyone.

Spenser Confidential

After serving time on false charges, ex-cop Spencer is ready to leave Boston for good. But first, he’s going to track down and punish the villains who murdered his friends from a police department. Together with his new roommate Hawke, he will have to unravel the tangle of intrigues woven by drug cartels, dirty cops, and corrupt politicians. Lots of action flavored with comedy — isn’t it the best recipe for a buddy cop movie?

Hubie Halloween

Adam Sandler is back and his new comedy Hubie Halloween is going strong on Netflix — so strong that it’s currently the most viewed film in Fall 2020 with two consecutive weeks in the first place. The eccentric and simple-minded Salem’s resident Hubie Dubois has spotted two suspicious individuals but the police don’t care about his denunciations. Hubie decides to take the law into his own hands. However, he has no idea what kind of troubles lie ahead.

The Wrong Missy

Another Sandler-esque movie in Netflix’s top-10 but this time, Adam was content with the role of a producer. Tim meets the woman of his dreams and invites her to a work retreat. The only problem is that he sent an invitation to the wrong girl. Now he has to spend time in a heavenly place with the girl of his nightmares.

The Lorax

If you and your kids love the Grinch, then don’t hesitate to check out another animated masterpiece inspired by Dr. Seuss. Twelve-year-old Ted lives in an artificial plastic world, and the brave boy wants to impress a girl next door so bad that he goes to look for real trees. His new acquaintance, the defender of the forest named the Lorax, agrees to show Ted where the trees are — but a cunning villain and his henchmen get in the way.


Extraction is Chris Hemsworth’s endeavor to prove that he is worth something outside of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And we call this attempt successful! After all, more than 100 million people have already watched the original Netflix film. The life of the mercenary Tyler Rake turns into a desperate struggle for survival after he was hired to rescue a kidnapped son of a drug lord. The action movie is steeped in clichés typical of this genre, but the protagonist’s charisma is impossible to ignore.

Angel Has Fallen

If you like action-packed movies, you’ll meet the tenth position of our list with excitement. Gerard Butler, chases, shootouts, villains trying to take the life of the US President — which you’ve probably already seen with the previous installments of the Fallen trilogy. But if such stuff tickles your fancy, Angel Has Fallen won’t disappoint.

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