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Reinstall Your Currently Installed Packages After A Fresh Ubuntu Install

You might need to reinstall a fresh copy of Ubuntu due to many reasons, but guess whats the most hectic thing after a fresh operating system reinstall? It is to install all of the software packages again. Let me share an easy way to install these packages again quickly, in case you need to fresh install Ubuntu.

Synaptic Package Manager is the main source of all types of installations in Ubuntu, so before you reinstall  Ubuntu make sure to make a  backup of all the currently installed  software via Synaptic Package Manager. Launch Synaptic Package Manager from System  >  Adminsitration > Synaptic Package Manager. Once it is launched, backup your currently installed software into some external drive USB etc. For this purpose go to File > Save Markings.

Save Marking

Now type a name for this backup and select the location where you want to save it(USB is recommended) and then click Save.

Save Backup

The backup will be saved in your USB disk, now perform the fresh installation of  your Operating system and restore all of the installed packages from File > Read Markings option of the Synaptic Package Manager.

Read Markings

Finally browse and locate the backup file which you generated earlier.

Browse backup file

Click Open and Ubuntu will install all of the previous packages again, thus saving lots of headache and time. Enjoy!

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  • Eric

    thanks a lot for this one. Question. is it possible to save on an external drive the packages already downloaded? usually it takes me several days to get all of them after a fresh ubuntu installation. thank you!

  • Melki

    Nice post thanks for sharing, your article is exactly what I've been looking for. : )

  • John

    !!! Do not forget to push the button ‘Save FULL state, not only changes’. Otherwise you end up with nothing…
    @ Eric: Yes it will probably take some time to download all your packages, this is inherent to the ‘fresh install-choice’. You get the latest with all the nescessary updates and -upgrades, matching your new (!) version of Ubuntu.

  • dandan86

    This guide is inexact!
    please, correct it!