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How to present on Google Meet

Online meeting tools all allow users to make audio and/or video calls. It’s become a basic feature but many tools recognize that users may also need to share their screen or present a slideshow. Presenting is slightly different from screen sharing in that the presenter needs to be able to see the presentation they’re presenting and the meeting may have to go into the background.

present on Google Meet

Present on Google Meet

There are two ways to present on Google Meet; screen sharing, or the present feature. The present feature allows you to present from Google Slides. It will put the meeting in the background and allow you to present easily.

The screen sharing option will let you present a file from the desktop but you will be switching between the meeting and the file. It makes for a far less convenient presenting experience. 

Present on Google Meet – Google Slides

Before you can present on Google Meet using Google Slides, you need to make sure you’ve done the following.

  • You’re using Chrome to join the meeting.
  • Your presentation has been uploaded to Google Slides.
  • Make sure the presentation looks right in Google Slides.
  • Open the presentation in a separate tab.

You’re now ready to start presenting on Google Meet. You can present the second you join a meeting but we don’t recommend the approach.

  1. Join a Google Meet meeting.
  2. Click the share screen button.
  3. Select Present from the menu.

  1. Select the Google Slides tab that has the presentation open.
  2. Once you switch to the presentation tab, click Present at the top right.

Present on Google Meet – Screen share

You can share a presentation (PPTX or KEY) from the desktop. 

  1. Open the presentation file that you want to present.
  2. Join a Google Meet meeting.
  3. Click the share screen button at the bottom.
  4. Select the window option from the menu.

  1. Select the app/file window.
  2. Switch to full screen in the file.


Google Meet has the option to present files but it only works well if you use Chrome and Google Slides. Google Slides will be able to import most presentation formats (PDF, PPT, PPTX, and KEY) so while the presentation feature isn’t as flexible, you will be able to use it for most types of files. All you have to do is remember to upload the file before the meeting starts. As for the Google Meet mobile apps, presenting isn’t possible. Screen sharing works in the mobile apps but you will be presenting your device’s screen or another app that you have open in it.

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