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Remove Mac DS_Store And Other Junk Files From Windows With DOT Delete

You might’ve noticed that Mac file system copies a bunch of files like .DS_Store to any folder that is accessed. Deleting such files off your USB or external storages is one tedious job in Windows, as each file has to be removed cautiously to prevent loss of important files and documents. If you feel such nuisance frequently while porting data back & forth between Mac and Windows, we reckon using DOT Delete – an application for Windows which require users to simply drag & drop the folder which has been accessed on Macintosh to remove junk off it. It is programmed to find all Mac files which are not needed, such as,  .DS_Store, ._support, ._icons, ._DWSearchFieldSupport and so on.

All you need to do is to launch the application and drop folders over the defined area. It will start finding files which are not needed and are unusable on Windows. Once the process is finished, it will display the list of files which are to be deleted. Before deleting, it is recommended to verify the list to make sure no important files and documents are included.

project 3

Below you can watch a brief tutorial video.

It has been tested on Windows 7 but also works on both Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Download DOT Delete

For more, also have a look at FolderWasher.

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