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Geany Is Lightweight IDE With Built-in Compiler, Now Available For Windows

We have previously advocated Geany for Linux users in our past 15 Ubuntu Text Editors post. Geany, being a lightweight text editor, certainly enhances the text processing on Linux OS, as it includes many features which are not there in Linux native text editor. Now it is available for Windows users too, with a lot of document editing improvements.

Geany for Windows offers lightweight IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to write, modify, manage and streamline programming language code of Java, C, PHP, HTML, Python, Pascal, SQL, VHDL, etc. It comes with small code-assisting features to tidy up the code, like code folding (expandables/collapsibles), auto closing HTML tags, easy code navigation, and symbol lists while compiler is also deployed within the application to compile and execute code. Being an extensible application, you will find many new plug-ins on developer’s plugin project page.

The main interface is divided into three major sections. The sidebar carries active documents and symbols, main windows acts as an editor and bottom area holds current document’s status, compiled results, and note section. Multi-tabbed editor allows user to switch between opened documents. All the important features like, compile, execute and build project code, revert file with options for jumping over defined line are lined up on the toolbar.


It includes some code samples to let you quickly get started. You can insert document carrying sample for PHP, HTML, Python, C, Pascal, and many other languages.

templates 2

With Geany, documents can be handled in many ways. It doesn’t matter which type of document you’re modifying, programming language, scripting, and markup types can be set anytime from Document menu. From this menu, you will also find some basic yet useful document editing features to remove inappropriate markers and error indicators, strip trail traces, replace tabs with spaces & vice versa.

document 1

Geany satisfies the needs of both beginners and professional coders alike. Since it has all the nifty features to manage and clean up the code with an option to compile documents on the fly, we recommend giving it a try.

Download Geany


  1. Can’t compile nor execute anything in any programming language even if already compiled with a different IDE/compiler, it gives me the error:

    ‘xxxxxx’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

    ‘xxxxxx’ standing for the name of the compiler when trying to compile, or the name of my created project/program when trying to execute.
    If any one knows what’s the problem and how to solve it, please help me, thanks in advance.

  2. wow. geany works on windows now!
    I love geany and use it all the time in linux(Arch), but had no idea that you could get it in windows too. Notepad++ is nice, but it’s just not the same…

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