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Put Virtual Notes On Desktop With Sticker

If you’ve been following us for a while, you’d have realized that we’re rather big fans of note-taking utilities. That’s because we find it really convenient to keep track of important little stuff by taking small notes out of it. Hence we keep experimenting with new products, and those that we like, we bring to you. So today, I give you another nice, lightweight and portable note-taking program, Sticker.

Developed as an open source project, it focuses on design aesthetics and usability rather than being loaded with features. It sports virtual notes that you can actually ‘stick’ around anywhere on your desktop, and make the notes stay on top of other applications if you want. What makes it unique is the ability to pin notes directly to the desktop like icons. We also found that the notes remain visible when using Windows 7’s desktop preview option.

The program sits in the system tray and clicking the icon once will let you put a new Sticker on the desktop.

Among other nice stuff that this rather basic application does, you can use font styling, jot down clickable links, and the application also remembers arrangement of the notes on desktop as well as contents. Beyond that, Sticker supports both installable and portable uses, so it can be helpful to carry it around in a pen drive.

We tested Stickers on Windows 7 32-bit system.

Download Sticker

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