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Import Google & AOL Calendar In Outlook 2010

Managing multiple IMAP accounts in Outlook is a cinch, but lacks direct linking/syncing other IMAP account items; calendars, to-do list, etc. Organizing calendar items in multiple accounts exclusively confounds big-time, thus, it is better to import all the calendar items from multiple email accounts  under one hood.

Exporting Google Calendar

Open Google calendar, from left side bar, under My calendars, click Settings.

google calendar 2

It will open up Calendar settings in main window. Now click Export Calendars to save the calendar on your local drive.

google calendar 3

Exporting AOL Calendar

Open AOL mail account and from left sidebar, click Calendar to view it.

aol calendar

From Action drop-down list, click Export.

aol export

It will bring up Export Calendar window, choose Start and End date to export specific calendar range.

aol start and end date

Now click Export to save it on the local drive.


Importing Calendars in Outlook

Launch Outlook 2010, navigate to File menu, click Open, and finally click Import.

import calendar 1

It will open Import and Export Wizard, select Import an iCalendar (.ics) from the list and click Next.

calendar 1

Browse dialog will appear, now navigate to folder where Google calendar is residing, select the file and click OK.

google calendar import 2

A message box will appear, asking if you want to import calendar in existing Outlook calendar or create a new one. Click Import to append all the events into the existing Outlook Calendar.

import 3

In Outlook main window, from left sidebar, click Calendar.

calendar left

It will bring up main Calendar window, now navigate to month for which you have added Google calendar events. As you can see in the screenshot below, that it has appended all Google items in Outlook Calendar.


Repeat the same import procedure to import AOL calendar items.

aol calenda 6

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  1. Excellent instructions, though I should have read the message below about unzipping the file first as I had to go back and figure that out.

  2. Thank you SO much!  This was excellent!!!!!  I tried several other things and couldn’t do it, but this was the best!  The only additional thing I had to do was to “unzip” my gmail calendar, as it automatically saved as a .zip file and when I tried to import it, it wouldn’t work.  Overall, I am very grateful!!!

  3. This doesn’t work if an event has been updated. Outlook doesn’t conform to the standards needed to handle updated events.

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