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Best VPNs for SolarMovie that Put Value on Your Privacy

Getting reliable access to online movie streams is a tough request to fulfill. Fortunately, sites like SolarMovie exist to fill that popular niche, featuring thousands of movies and TV shows in a straightforward browser-based environment. All you have to do is find your title, click, and start watching. No mandatory sign-ups or intrusive ads, just HD cinema from sunrise to sunset. You’ll want to keep your activities as secure as possible while using SolarMovie, of course, which is why running a VPN is a necessity. Read on for our suggestions for the best VPNs for SolarMovie so you can stream in total privacy.

What are the Best VPNs for SolarMovie?

  1. Subscribe to one of the VPNs in this guide.

We highly recommend ExpressVPN (save 49% here), but you’ll also find four more world-class VPN services that will work great.

  1. Download and install the VPN’s client software.
  2. Connect to a VPN of your choice.
  3. Now you can stream in total privacy.

Evaluating the Best VPN for SolarMovie

SolarMovie is a breeze to use. However, the site has a history of raising warning flags with third parties, including content rights holders and internet service providers. ISPs have been known to log user activity and share it with outside groups, turning your innocent movie night into a copyright infringement notice. To keep yourself safe from prying eyes, you’ll want a solid virtual private network active at all times.

VPNs turn ordinary traffic into encrypted data that passes through a private tunnel to the internet. With a VPN nothing you do can be seen or linked to your real identity, not even by ISPs. Finding the best VPN to use with SolarMovie can feel like an impossible task, however. There’s a ton of technical data to sift through, which is why we streamlined the process with a few recommendations below. We made our selections based on the following criteria, ensuring you’ll always have the fastest and the best VPN for SolarMovie.

  • Logging policy – If a VPN keeps detailed traffic logs, it’s surprisingly easy to connect activity to your identity. You can’t have true online privacy without a zero-logging policy in place.
  • Reputation – Reliability is a major factor in choosing the best VPN. If you can’t trust the business to keep your data secure, then what’s the point? Our recommended VPNs have been around for years and service a large base of customers.
  • Security features – A VPN should always have DNS leak protection and an automatic kill switch to keep your identity hidden. Other features such as encryption settings or IP shuffling are optional, but nice.
  • Jurisdiction – Where a VPN is registered can have a massive impact on your privacy. Regional laws could require a VPN to keep hidden logs and share data with other governments, all without your knowledge or consent.
  • Payment methods – You can snag an extra layer of anonymity by paying through a cryptocurrency such as bitcoin. Credit cards and PayPal subscriptions tie your name and address to a VPN, which can be used against you. Anonymity is much stronger with bitcoin.

1. ExpressVPN – Fast and User Friendly

Best VPN for SolarMovie - ExpressVPN

When speed is your top priority, ExpressVPN is the VPN for you. The service delivers fast downloads and streams using custom software that’s extraordinarily easy to use. Once you’ve installed the app on your device, all you have to do is tap the big “on” button and you’re connected to the fastest server in the network, easy! ExpressVPN operates over 145 servers in 94 different countries, providing incredible variety for virtual locations and bypassing region locks on videos and software downloads.

ExpressVPN’s privacy options will keep you safe while watching movies or just surfing the web. All of your data is locked down with 256-bit AES encryption and backed by a zero-logging policy on all traffic, DNS requests, and IP addresses. Software-level DNS leak protection and an easy to use automatic kill switch provide a safety net in case of an accidental disconnect, ensuring your real identity never sneaks through.

ExpressVPN features at a glance:

  • Absolutely no restrictions on bandwidth, P2P network downloads, or torrent traffic.
  • Loads of custom protocols for safe connections in places like Russia and China.
  • Easy to use apps for desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Reliable access to Netflix videos through the website and apps.
  • Unblocks US Netflix, BBC iPlayer and other streaming services
  • Super fast servers (minimal speed loss)
  • Govt-level AES-256 encryption
  • No personal information logs kept
  • 24/7 Chat Support.
  • Priced slightly higher.

2. IPVanish – Complete Anonymity

Best VPN for SolarMovie - IPVanish

IPVanish focuses on delivering a fast and anonymous online experience. It starts with 256-bit AES encryption on all data, cryptography that will keep you safe even if someone is actively trying to crack your information. IPVanish backs this with a zero-logging privacy policy on all traffic along with DNS leak protection and an automatic kill switch. If bypassing censorship blocks is a concern, the custom IPVanish software comes with a wide variety of port and protocol options for top shelf privacy at all times.

IPVanish deploys a huge network of over 850 servers in 60 different countries. A combined 40,000 shared IP addresses forms a solid foundation for online anonymity, and with built-in IP switching options, you can make sure no one ever tracks your activity. You’ll be able to make use of this private connection with features like unlimited bandwidth, no speed throttling, and unrestricted access to P2P networks and torrent downloads.

Best IPVanish features at a glance:

  • Hundreds of servers with fast and reliable connections, perfect for HD video streams.
  • Watch TV shows and movies through P2P or BitTorrent with full anonymity.
  • Custom software for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android devices.
  • Private access to add-ons and streaming content through Kodi.
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3. NordVPN – The Largest Server Network

Best VPN for SolarMovie - NordVPN

Network size can have a huge impact on your VPN experience. The more nodes you can connect to, the better your chances of finding a low-lag, fast download server in the region of your choice. NordVPN makes it easy to do this by deploying what is quite possibly the largest network of any VPN. The list is constantly growing, but at the moment it sits at over 1,090 servers in 61 different countries. NordVPN puts some of these nodes to work offering unique services you won’t find elsewhere, including faster P2P downloads and double encryption servers.

NordVPN’s zero-logging policy is all-encompassing, covering everything from bandwidth to traffic, time stamps, and even IP addresses. This means none of your activity is ever recorded or shared with third parties, not even when you log into the VPN. Backing all of these amazing security features is 256-bit AES encryption on all data as well as an automatic kill switch and DNS leak protection.

More of NordVPN’s best features:

  • Servers built with unique features in mind, including onion routing, dedicated IP addresses, and DDoS protection.
  • Reliable access to Netflix streams even when other VPNs are blocked.
  • Lightweight apps for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and more.
  • Unlimited bandwidth and no restrictions on P2P or torrent traffic.
  • Servers optimized for unblocking Netflix
  • Over 5,400 servers in 61 countries
  • Torrenting is explicitly permitted
  • Retains no metadata of your browsing
  • Live Chat Support.
  • Some servers can have average d/l speeds
  • Sometimes slow in procesing refunds (but always do).
Sign up for a two-year contract with NordVPN and get an incredible 66% discount, just $3.99 a month! Each plan is backed by NordVPN’s 30-day money back guarantee, so there’s no risk to try it out.

4. VyprVPN – Strong Privacy Features

Best VPN for SolarMovie - VyprVPN

VyprVPN offers the ultimate in online privacy. The service’s most praiseworthy feature is Chameleon, a unique protocol that helps lock down your online identity. Chameleon takes encrypted data packets and wraps their metadata in an extra layer of encryption. This defeats deep packet inspection (DPI), which is often used by ISPs and governments to spy on user activity. With Chameleon in place you can break through the toughest censorship walls without risking your own privacy. All you have to do is switch Chameleon on and you’re good to go.

Another excellent source of privacy is the fact that VyprVPN owns and operates its entire network of servers, over 700 in 70 different countries. Third parties never have access to any VyprVPN hardware, allowing them to completely control upgrades and maintenance for optimal security. VyprVPN also covers the standard VPN bases with a zero-logging policy on traffic and DNS requests, an automatic kill switch, DNS leak protection, and 256-bit AES encryption for all data on every device.

Some of VyprVPN’s best features include:

  • Custom-built Chameleon protocol helps defeat censorship blocks and maintain anonymity.
  • Easy-to-use and highly customizable apps for desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.
  • Unlimited bandwidth and no restrictions on P2P or torrent traffic.
Sign up with VyprVPN today and get 50% off your first month of service. You can also take advantage of the free three-day trial to test the VPN out before signing up!

5. PureVPN – A Suite of Security Features

Best VPN for SolarMovie - PureVPN

PureVPN goes a step beyond the norm and provides privacy and security features you don’t normally see from a VPN. You can switch on anti-virus protection, for example, if you plan on visiting a lot of unusual websites or are downloading a ton of files. Similarly, you can activate malware protection, app blocking, and even DNS level website filters to prevent malicious content from ever reaching your device. These features work across almost all of PureVPN’s custom software, including desktops and mobile devices!

On the VPN side of things, PureVPN provides solid protection with a zero-logging policy on all traffic, DNS leak protection, an automatic kill switch, and solid 256-bit AES encryption on all data. This is wonderfully paired with a large network of 750 servers in 141 different countries for plenty of speed and location options each time you connect.

PureVPN’s best features include:

  • Support for non-standard VPN protection, including Chrome, Safari, and Firefox extensions.
  • No restrictions on torrent or P2P traffic, no speed caps, and unlimited bandwidth.
  • Optional anti-virus protection, web filters, and anti-phishing features.
  • Unlimited server switching and five simultaneous connections.
CHEAP DEAL: Join PureVPN today to take advantage of an amazing 73% discount on a 2-year plan, just $2.95 per month! You can even try it risk-free with the company’s seven-day money back guarantee.

SolarMovie’s Best Features

SolarMovie is a robust video streaming site that lets you access thousands of movies and TV series right from your browser. To play a film all you need to do is click on the icon and start streaming. No ads to sit through, no pop-ups to clear away–just all the latest releases and a tremendous back catalog of content at your disposal.

SolarMovie delivers a basic search function to help you narrow down your entertainment options. You can also browse by a number of different categories, starting with the list below.

  • Browse by genre – Check out movies from the most popular genres, including action, sci-fi, animation, family, mystery, romance, psychological, fantasy, documentary, and over two dozen more.
  • Watch by country – Sort movies by their country or area of origin, including Korea, China, France, India, the U.S., and Japan.
  • Top IMDb – Watch the highest rated movies as ranked by users on IMDb.
  • TV series – Browse a massive collection of TV shows grouped by series. Includes both new and classic television content.
  • Featured movies – The best movies as chosen by the SolarMovie team.

SolarMovie has an incredible filtering system built into the website that’s easy to use and remarkably effective. After you pick a category, click on the “filter” button in the top right to bring up a huge menu filled with boxes. From here you can jump to the most viewed or most favorited picks, take a peek at the latest releases, or find the highest-rated content on the site. You can also filter streams by quality, year, origin, and genre, which is perfect for those nights when you want to watch something but aren’t quite sure what.

Other SolarMovie Features

SolarMovie has a fantastic reputation in the online streaming community. A lot of this comes from the site’s focus on high quality content, wide range of features, and a streaming system that works all the time, every time. There are a few other extras that help SolarMovie stand out from the rest, however.

  • Keyword tags – Browse movies by actor, director, title, or series using a convenient tag system displayed on the video streaming page.
  • Favorites – Creating an account and adding movies to the list serves a secondary purpose on SolarMovie: HD release notifications. Some films are only out in SD but later get an HD version as well. If you want to wait for higher quality, simply add it to your list and wait for the notification to arrive.
  • Built-in subtitles – An often overlooked feature that SolarMovie bakes into the core experience. When they’re available, English subtitles automatically display as soon as a movie starts.
  • Device support – Want to watch SolarMovie on your tablet instead of PC? No problem! The website supports a wide range of browsers thanks to HTML5 streaming instead of the clunky and outdated Flash player.
  • Multiple sources – Is your movie stream a little choppy? A lot of TV shows and films have multiple sources available. All you have to do is click to try another one.
  • Kodi add-on – Want to bring SolarMovie to your Kodi enabled device? There’s a great add-on you can install that streamlines the website to provide all the high quality videos you can watch. Check out our complete guide on how to install the SolarMovie add-on for Kodi.

Using a VPN with SolarMovie

The recent history of SolarMovie is riddled with users complaining about random advertisements, audio issues, and even geo-restricted content locks. Although we didn’t encounter any region blocks during our tests, it’s possible the site has to occasionally lock down access in order to remain online. To make sure you can reliably stream movies from the site, always use a VPN with a good server network so you can switch virtual locations with ease.

Which Site is the Real SolarMovie?

SolarMovie has had a long and difficult past. The original site was forcibly shut down in 2016 when a number of high-profile torrent and file streaming sites were raided. It has since returned in a variety of forms, though not with quite as much content or features as the original. This opened the door for copycat sites to jump in and make fake versions of the site, most of which are shady and unreliable.

SolarMovie appears under several different domains and will likely shift again in the future. At the time of writing the “official” site is located at either SolarMovie.sc or SolarMoviez.to. A few other domains redirect here, but to be on the safe side you should stick with the above two. The original .ph and .com domains no longer function.

Is SolarMovie Safe to Use?

SolarMovie is one of the safest movie streaming sites you can use. At the time of writing there are no ads on the site, not even banners or pre-video ads shown before the streams begin. Some people report ads do occasionally appear on the site for limited amounts of time, including frustrating pop-unders and audio advertisements. To be on the safe side, you should take a few basic precautions when accessing sites like SolarMovie. Follow the tips below to lock down your browser for improved privacy and online anonymity.

  • Install a tracker blocker – Some scripts active on websites can track your activity from website to website. To keep your identity secure, install Privacy Badger on your browser to shut down the trackers automatically.
  • Use an ad-blocker – Although SolarMovie doesn’t always use advertisements, they do show up from time to time. Installing an ad-blocker like uBlock Origin will keep you safe if this does happen.
  • Always keep your VPN active – Streaming movies is, at best, a legally gray-area activity. You should keep a VPN switched on any time you use SolarMovie and its related sites, as you won’t want prying eyes to flag your identity as a potential pirate.
  • Use anti-virus software – Most operating systems come with anti-virus software pre-installed. While we didn’t encounter any virus or malware content on SolarMovie, it’s a good precaution to take when accessing any type of streaming website.

What’s your experience with SolarMovie been like in the past year? Do you miss the original site as much as we do? Share your story in the comments below!

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