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5 New Improvements Chrome Just Made To Its Bookmarks Manager

Chrome updates are not regularly covered on AddictiveTips but everyone once in a while, Chrome rolls out something that is awesome and we can’t help but talk about it. Today, Chrome’s new bookmarks manager is in the limelight. Not only does it have a new look but it’s also made saving bookmarks, editing bookmark thumbnails, deleting bookmarks, and selecting which folder to save a bookmark to easier. The icing on this cake is a new ‘notes’ feature that lets you add a note to the page you are bookmarking so the next time you look at it, you know why you saved it.

UI Improvements

Save a new bookmark and this is what the popup menu looks like. You can see the last folder you saved a bookmark to and you can also read the first few lines of text on the page from the thumbnail.


Selecting Thumbnails When You Save A Bookmark

You can see what thumbnail the link will be saved with when you bookmark it. If Chrome didn’t select the right thumbnail, use the left and right arrow button on the thumbnail to cycle through images on the page and select a different thumbnail image.┬áThe great thing is, the thumbnail supports GIFs.


Deleting A Bookmark

You’ll notice that when you click the bookmark button, the pop-up features a delete button on the thumbnail. The older version had a ‘remove’ button so this is more a cosmetic change than a new feature but it highlights the delete function better.

Search And Create Folders

Creating a new folder to save bookmark links is easier; if you want to add a new folder to the bookmarks bar, just┬átype the name of the folder and click Create. You don’t have to go through the tree-structure layout of folders that already exist. If a folder with the same name already exists, it will move to the top of the list and you can select it. The create field also acts as a search bar for your folders.


Add Notes

Last but not least, the notes feature. You can add a note to a link when you save it or, you can add one later.


The update effectively puts a lot of extensions out of business though I’m curious if it will block any of the existing ones, or if it opens the door for potentially great new extensions.

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