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Aside: Save Content To Pocket (Read It Later) Directly From Chrome

Are you a Pocket (formerly known as Read It Later) user and searching for a quality-extension to save links right from the browser to access later? Then Aside, with tags and context menus, is just the right extension for you. It is a handy extension for Google Chrome designed for the users of Pocket, allowing them to add new web pages to a reading list. The website’s URL will be saved in your Pocket account. The extension’s popup window allows you to edit the tags before saving it to the list, and lets you open your reading list in a separate tab. More after the jump.

With a focus on saving time, “read later” services have recently seen a popularity explosion. There are a number of services out there that let you save articles to read later, but Pocket stays on top of the list, owing to the fact that apart from a friendly and function web app, the service boasts free apps for iOS and Android, making is easier to even save weblinks for later reading on the go. Add to the mix the fact that saved content is available offline, and stripped of all nuisances like advertisements, sidebars, headers/footers and other necessities of a typical website, and you get a pretty solid deal. However, what the official version of Pocket lacks is a quick method of saving pages directly to your pocket account from anywhere on the web, and this is where Aside Chrome extension comes in useful.

Aside can be installed from the Chrome Web Store. It prompts with a notification seeking permission to access your data on all websites, tabs and browsing history. Clicking Add will lead you to confirm your Read It Later account.

Aside Account

Log in, and you will notice an Aside icon on the omnibar. If you wish to add any webpage to your reading list, all you’ve do is click this icon.

Aside extension

The extension has a unique feature of allowing you to add tags while saving, hence making finding the link later a breeze. Once you’ve added a page to your Pocket account, the icon turns red on that URL, indicating that it has been successfully recorded to your Pocket. Should you wish to remove the saved webpage or mark it read, all you have to do is click the “filled” icon again, turning it empty once more.

Adding Tags While Adding to Read It Later

The extension also comes with a handy feature of context menu addition, where you can right click a link anywhere on the web and send it straight to Pocket.

GoogleSearch - Directly Add to Read It Later

Since Pocket supports saving multimedia content (images, audio, video etc) as well, Aside supports that, too, and you can employ the context menu on any such content to save it to Pocket.

Add Videos to Read It Later

Over all, a solid extension for Pocket users. However, some additional features can make it desirable for all, such as optional closing of the tab on adding to/removing from the list, adding configurable hotkeys, and most significantly, allowing access to the reading list (by right click on the icon or by hot key). Also, Google Reader integration can do wonders for users, but that might be asking too much. The developers of extensions do aim to allow saving the current page to Pocket with a simple keyboard shortcut, and we hope they would consider other suggestions, too. In the meantime, why not you just try out this extension?

Install Aside

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