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Auto Expand Code Snippets On Stack Exchange For Better Reading [Firefox]

Forums like Stack Exchange are amazing for the sheer size of their community but also for the wide range of topics this one single platform covers. You can ask people to help you with code and scripts that you’re trying to execute and even help you learn the correct use of a semi-colon by asking the right group of people. Speaking of code, Stack Overflow lets users share code both when seeking help and when providing it. Anyone who deals with code might also know that those lines that do so much can sometimes get really long and because syntax is so important hyphenating or breaking a long line so that it appears in the next one is often times a big no-no. Wide screen stackexchange sites is a Firefox add-on that expands the Q&A area of Stack Exchange sites so that any code that’s been shared is easier to read.

You need only install the add-on, refresh the Stack Overflow page with the code you’re reading and it will automatically expand the Q&A area so that the empty space on the sides is utilized. Reading longer lines of code is thus made easier.

Wide screen stackexchange sites

Unfortunately, the add-on does not make it so that the horizontal scroll bar is no longer needed. It might be ideal if that were the case but remember that you’re also dealing with window and screens size limitations. For anyone using a larger screen, Wide screen stackexchange sites might be completely useless however, for those on the standard laptop with 14″ screens it can help to make code easier to read.

Install Wide screen stackexchange sites For Firefox

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