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Horizonate Is A Date Centered Task Management Tool For Small Teams

We cover a lot of personal task managers and they exist in abundance. Team task managers are less easy to find and they are usually complex to meet the needs of large teams. Horizonate is a task management service that is suitable for smaller teams. It is currently in beta but accepting new users. The service as several subscription plans. The free plan lets you add up to 10 projects. There doesn’t seem to be a limitation on how many members you can add to a project. Tasks for your team are added with a nice calendar view at the top. You can add tasks for any day of the week or the month, or you can add tasks and move them to a date later. Tasks can be edited and assigned to a member of the team. You can upload files and have discussions as well.

 The calendar view is what I like most about Horizonate; it keeps the most important factor of project management i.e. time in focus and it also makes planning easier. It’s a lot like writing on a real physical calendar.


For tasks that already have a get-done-by date, you can start adding them by clicking in the relevant date box. Tasks can be dragged and dropped to any other date column and when you hover the mouse over a task, it lets you assign it to one of the project members. The same goes for the To Do section below the large calender; you can add tasks and these tasks remain independent of any assigned date, however, they can be assigned to a team member. All tasks can be edited after creation and deleted.

Horizonate assign tasks


Each team member gets their own dashboard from where they can add tasks and all team members can post comments to the discussion section of a project. Additionally, files relevant to the project can be uploaded. As far as file management is concerned, Horizonate doesn’t address it very well. You can upload files but you can’t assign or link a file to a certain task which makes finding a file somewhat challenging when you start a task. There also seems to be no search feature for the files but considering the service is still in beta, file management features might be in the works.

horizonate discussions

What I personally like about this service is the ability to add tasks to a calendar. It’s something we used to do in our daily lives by marking important dates on a table or wall calendar. In fact, it’s pretty much what we do now when we add an event to a reminder app on our smartphone. Horizonate makes that very same concept work for task management.

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