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Do Simple Maths, Unit & Currency Conversion, And Tip Calculations In Facebook Messenger

The hype around Facebook Messenger bots has settled down somewhat. There was a point when you could find a bot to do the most useless of things. Very few bots did anything that was actually productive. Jarvis is an example of some of the more useful bots that were developed for the platform but things have been bleak for the most part. The idea behind these bots was to let people do common tasks without leaving the Messenger app and few come close to doing that. Calcbot is a Facebook Messenger bot that does the concept justice. It’s a little calculator bot that will let you perform common mathematical calculations, unit and currency conversions, and calculate and split tips without needing to leave the Messenger app.

Visit Calcbot and send it a message. It will give you a brief description of what it can do and you’re good to go. Give it something to convert or calculate. Currency and unit conversions are pretty easy and you can just guess the syntax.

For currency conversion, write;

$10 to Euros

For unit conversion, write

58kg to lbs


To calculate tips, you have to use dollars even if you’re paying in a different currency. Calcbot can calculate any percentage of the total amount you give it, and split it into the number of people who collectively made up the bill.

To calculate a simple 20% tip on a $150 bill, write

tip $150 20%

To split it into 3 people, you need to first write;

tip $150 20%

When it gives you the answer, reply with;

Split 3

The bot can also do trigonometric calculations but to be fair, those aren’t the kind of calculations you do often enough to need the functionality inside a messaging app. For anyone that does need a trig calculator, a dedicated app is likely the better option anyway.

Add Calcbot To Facebook Messenger

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