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How To Enable Smart Compose In Gmail

The new Gamil has a smart compose feature. Smart compose is basically auto-complete and auto-suggest rolled into one. It’s a new feature that is part of the new Gmail however, it’s still experimental in nature. Unlike the Snooze, confidential mode, and @ mention feature, this one is still being fine tuned which is why it isn’t going to be enabled for anyone unless they specifically enable smart compose in Gmail from the settings.

To enable smart compose in Gmail you need to;

  • Enable the new Gmail UI
  • Enable Experimental Access
  • Enable Smart Compose

We’ve outlined how you can enable the new Gmail design. Enable it, and then follow the rest of this article to enable Smart Compose.

Smart Compose In Gmail

Open Gmail and click the cog wheel icon under your profile picture. Select Settings from the menu that opens.

Settings opens to the General tab by default. On this tab, scroll down and enable Experimental Access. Next, on this very same tab, look for the Smart Compose option. If it isn’t already enabled, enable it.

Scroll to the very end of the page and click Save Changes.

Using Smart Compose

Return to Gmail and click the Compose button to start composing a new message. Enter a recipient, and a subject. Those are two key elements that Smart Compose uses to help suggest the next word or sentence you should type.

It will start by suggesting how you should address the recipient, and if you begin to type a formal start e.g., How are you? it will suggest the complete sentence. To accept and enter what Smart Compose suggests, tap the Tab key.

As you type, Gmail will offer more and more suggestions.

If the feature doesn’t work after you enable it, return to the Settings app and disable it from there. Save the changes. Then, enable it one more time. You don’t have to disable and re-enable Experimental Access. Disable Smart Compose, and enable it again to get it working.

It doesn’t need time to learn how you sound in writing, or which words or phrases you use most often. Gmail reads your emails. It’s been doing that for ages and that’s how it shows you ads in your email. Google has likely leveraged that knowledge to develop this feature so once you enable it, it will start working right off the bat.

The suggestions are pretty generic but they will save time spent typing. Combine them with smart replies and answering emails might take less time than usual.

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