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Get A Gift Suggestion Based On A Person’s Gender & Age, And Your Budget

The gift giving season is upon us. We’re hoping that for anyone close, your mom, dad, a sibling, your best friend, or a significant other, you know what you’re going to get them. There might be other people though, co-workers, neighbours, someone at the gym, that you don’t know as well but need to get a gift for. Givetu is a little web app that helps you find a budget appropriate gift by asking you their gender, age range, and your relationship with them. Although it’s geared towards closer family members, it’s best used for people you aren’t related to. The gift suggestions are meant to suit people with varying tastes. If you don’t like a suggested gift, you can ask for another one.

Visit Givetu and select who you want to get a gift for. The options available to you are mother, father, male or female friend, male or female relative, and girlfriend or boyfriend. Next, select the age range of the recipient, and most importantly set your budget. Click ‘Suggest a gift’ to get your first recommendation.


The recommendations cover a broad range of interests. If you like a gift suggestion, click ‘I’m interested’ and you will be taken a website (it’s mostly Amazon) where you can purchase it. If you don’t like the suggested gift, click ‘What else’ and the site will give you an alterative.

Givetu - suggested gift

The gift items may not be suited to someone’s personal taste and perhaps that’s why I find them to be ‘okay-ish’ at best but if they resonate with a particular interest that your recipient has then the website has done its job. Good luck!

Visit Givetu

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