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How To Turn On/Off Best Tweets From Appearing First On Twitter

Twitter isn’t useful unless you follow at least fifty very active accounts that interest you. The problem is, the more accounts you follow, the more likely you are to miss tweets by them. Your feed can quickly get cluttered to the point that you’re struggling to keep up with information that is being shared. The ‘While you were away’ tweets that Twitter introduced back in January 2015 help you see what some accounts tweeted out while you were inactive but last month, Twitter introduced a new feature called ‘Best Tweets’ that will show you the most popular tweets from everyone you follow at the top of your feed. Here’s how to turn it On/Off.

Open Twitter and go to the Me tab. Best Tweets are enabled/disabled on a per-account basis so if you have multiple accounts added to the app, you will have to enable/disable best tweets for each one separately.

On the Me tab, tap the Accounts icon and choose the account you want to enable/disable the feature for. Tap the ‘Timeline personalization’ option and turn off the ‘Show me the best Tweets first’ option inside. Likewise, if you want to enable the best tweets to appear first in your timeline, turn this option On.

twitter-timeline-personalization best tweets - on-off

Twitter determines what the ‘Best Tweets’ are by how many likes and retweets it get. Other tweets that don’t fare as well as the others will appear below the best tweets. For a Twitter account with a large reach, this is likely going to be a huge boost. For anyone starting with just a few followers, this might help a good tweet gain better visibility and stand a higher chance of being retweeted.

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