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Mute ‘Reply All’ Messages In A Gmail Thread Unless You Are Emailed Directly

At some point in our lives we’ve all accidentally hit the ‘Reply all’ button and sent a message that was meant for one person to everyone in a conversation thread. Depending on what might have been said in the message damage control followed. Most people make this mistake once or twice but if you find yourself part of a Gmail conversation thread where people keep hitting the ‘Reply all’ button unnecessarily, you can check yourself out of the conversation until and unless a message in the thread is sent specifically to you. Here’s how.

Go to Gmail for Web and open the thread that everyone is compulsively replying all to in. Click the More button at the top and select the ‘Mute’ option.


This will effectively archive messages in the thread that aren’t directed at you via the ‘To’ field. You will not get alerts and notifications for new messages in the thread if your email is in the CC or BCC fields.

A word of caution using this trick is necessary. If you’re in a conversation thread where people are compulsively hitting the ‘Reply all’ button to reply to an email when it is unnecessary to do so, you are likely dealing with someone who doesn’t know what general email etiquette is. Said person might be under the impression that you’re reading the emails and that they have effectively communicated important information to you. It would be hard to argue that they haven’t done so, so use the ‘Mute’ button with caution.

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