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Reeddit Is A Responsive Reddit Web App For Desktop & Mobile Browsers

Dubbed ‘The front page of the Internet’, Reddit is possibly one of the most popular websites for shared content you will find, but it lacks official desktop clients for all major desktop platforms and mobile websites. It may even seem astounding why there aren’t any official apps for the website, as pretty much every borderline-famous web service has rolled out its apps for major platforms by now. Though there is always the developer community that we can rely on to fill the gap. Reeddit is an HTML5-based web app that can serve as excellent Reddit client for multiple platforms. In addition to being based on HTML5, the app also has a responsive design meaning you can use it on any tablet or smartphone with a modern HTML5-supporting web browser. Reeddit does not support Reddit accounts and you will therefore be unable to reply to comments and vote content up or down. Reeddit is essentially a Reddit reader and the interface is designed as such.

To use Reeddit, simply launch its website in your browser. If you’re on a desktop, you will see Reeddit divided in to three columns. The left-most column is dedicated to listing all the famous subreddits, with options to add your favorite ones there, or remove the ones you aren’t interested in. The second column, i.e. the one in the middle lists submissions in the selected subreddit. The third and largest column shows all comments in a thread and the content itself i.e. pictures and videos. Though it doesn’t appear to load links to blogs or news websites.


As you click and read items in a particular subreddit, the read links are faded out by a white layer. If you click the title of an item in the preview pane, it opens in a new tab. To add or remove a subreddit from the left-most pane, click the plus/minus sign at the bottom of the left column and select the subreddit you want to add. Subreddits can be added manually by typing in the name, or by channel using the suggestions from the app.

Reeddit subreddit

Since Reeddit has a responsive design, you will see a somewhat different interface when viewing it on your tablet. The app will divide itself in to three columns, but the third one will show comment previews only, and the actual content will open in a new tab. Since tablet sizes vary, there are two layouts that Reeddit supports for them. The first has three columns where the third will preview content and/or comments. The second had two columns where the submissions will appear in the second column, but will automatically change to show content and comments for a linked you’ve clicked.

Reeddit tablet

Lastly, the mobile view has a single column with the name of the subreddit you’re currently browsing shown in the top left corner. Clicking the name expands a bar on the left where you can switch to a different subreddit or add/remove one. You will be able to view just the comments here, and not the content itself. Though if you click the thumbnail of submission, it will open in a new tab for you to check out the content.


What’s missing in Reeddit is quite obvious: support for Reddit accounts that will allow users to reply to comments, submit content, and vote. As a simple Reddit reader however, Reeddit works pretty well. The interface for all devices is as convenient as you could hope, though it would be a good idea if the number of up/down votes along with the number of comments could also be shown in the submissions list.

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  1. Hey, Reeddit author here. This is an awesome review of the app. Thank you very much for it. 🙂

    Something you should know (and I guess I have to work on make clearer): in the 3-panel layout mode, you can click the title of the post in the comment/detail pane, at the top, to go to that link, so you can always have access to the original content.

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