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Searchgonzo: A Slick Pinterest-Like Product Discovery Engine [Web]

Searchgonzo is a product discovery engine that lets you explore all kinds of merchandise from popular online stores, boutiques and brands worldwide. Searchgonzo features different product categories, like fashion, travel, sport, home and more, all displayed in an ad-free interface. Items are refreshed each time you load the page and as you scroll down, more items are added to the index. The web app acts as a resource for finding items only and the actual purchase is made on the vendor’s original site. Although not mandatory, you can sign up for an account and save items you like. Normally, as long as you do not close your browser window, the website will remember which item you recently viewed. Items are subject to availability and just being able to see an item on the site does not confirm that it is available in your area.

The web app features various products, including Fashion, Travel, Sport and Home. To start off, you can select one of these options from the top of the page and then scroll through the results, which are displayed in a Pinterest-like interface. You will then be able to filter products by Max Price, Country, Women, Men, Girls and Boys parameters. When you come across an item that you really like, just click the Go to Shop button, and the store that sells the product will open in a new window, after which you will be able to purchase it directly. Alternatively, if you click the thumbnail preview of an item, it will open in a bar at the top with similar items suggested alongside. You can click the item’s image in this bar to enlarge it and get a better look.

The web app is great for small time manufacturers who want to reach a large audience and for anyone looking for a unique item. There is the slight problem that you could run across items that claim  to be branded originals but are infact replicas or cheap knock offs but that’s where caveat emptor comes in to play. Overall, the website is an excellent place to shop and quite possible a good rendition of window shopping online. We recommend all the shopaholics to give it a try, as it’s a great way to find some truly amazing and original items. If you’re a manufacturer yourself, head over the About page on the web site to see how you can join their affiliate program.

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