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TabsPreview Adds An Eye-Candy 3D Preview For Open Tabs In Chrome

TabsPreview is a Chrome extension that gives you a gorgeous 3D preview of all your opened tabs, with multiple search capabilities and customization options. It provides an instant thumbnail preview of all the opened tabs within the new tab screen or a new window. This can be quite handy for people who work with several tabs and often find it difficult to sift through them. Whenever you click the extension’s button in the toolbar, TabsPreview refreshes the thumbnails, so that you can always view the latest previews for all your open tabs. In addition to that, the extension offers you different preview modes, such as Stack, Grid, Glow etc. Both the scroll wheel or arrows displayed at the bottom of the page can be used to navigate between the previews, and you can also look through opened tabs by entering keywords in the search bar.

TabsPreview lets you fully customize the preview page; you can change the background color and access different websites from groups. In case you accidentally close an important tab, the tab can immediately be retrieved by clicking the closed tabs button. Also, clicking a preview lets you focus on the tab and individual tabs can directly be closed from the preview page.

Once the extension has been installed, click the button in the toolbar and the extension will instantly provide you with a 3D thumbnail preview of all your tabs. At the top of the page you will find five different modes; stack, grid, row, flow and carousel. The Stack layout allows you to view the open tabs one behind the other, similar to what happens with application windows when you press Windows Key+Tab. The Flow view allows you view the tabs in a slideshow format, Carousel lets you view them in a rotating slide show view where the front most tab s large and the other appear ‘behind’ it. The Grid layout displays them in rows and columns while the Row layout shows them in  simple row. You can go through the tabs by moving the scroll wheel. Additionally you can switch between open and closed tabs. Every time you switch to a new preview using your mouse or the arrow keys, the title for the tab will be displayed at the top left corner of the page.


You will find multiple options at the bottom of the page, such as Google Search, Groups, Search and Themes. You can directly search the web using the Google search engine or search for tabs by entering keywords into the extension’s search bar.


This is quite a useful extension that allows you to effectively manage all your open tabs, and gives you speedy access as you browse the web.

Install TabsPreview For Google Chrome

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