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Wolfram Alpha Now Includes Facebook Personal Analytics [Web]

You probably have heard about Wolfram Alpha, a rather interesting computational knowledge engine that answers various queries, such as how the weather is like, how much time till your next birthday, where you met your ex-girlfriend and whatnot, through structural database. It’s a really great analytics engine – quite a lot, actually – which even integrates with Apple’s Siri for a number of factual queries. The firm recently launched its Facebook App that collects varying information from your Facebook account in order to generate a personal analytics report. Yes, you can now dig deep and see how many statuses you updated, your total number of comments to date or what your most commented photo ever was. Read on for more details.

In order to use this service, you need to head over to Wolfram Alpha’s web page and type in Facebook Report. You’d certainly need a Wolfram Alpha user account (even a Free account would do), as well as Facebook app authorization before you begin this analysis.

WolframAlpha_Facebook Report

After successfully going through the above prerequisites, Wolfram Alpha will start to cache your Facebook account information for almost 1 hour! – meanwhile displaying some dotted onscreen animations. Perhaps, you can take a nap or browse YouTube amidst this, before you really lose your patience. I don’t know if it was just me or the process actually takes that much long to finish.

Facebook report in progress

Upon completion, the report generates a series of statistical information about your personal happenings on Facebook. Apart from basic information such as your age, birthdate, residence etc., it presents various pie charts and graphical data that comprises of your Facebook activities, status updates, posted URLs, number of photos you’re tagged in and so on. I was amazed to see my total likes were pondering somewhere around 1175, especially when I’m a very light Facebook user. While it gives a bird’s eye view of the pertaining information under separate sections, you can always click More or Show Details buttons for a more thorough analysis.

Recent History

Avid Facebook users, who spend considerable amount of time on Facebook Apps, will be delighted to keep track of their weekly app activities. It enables you to see which app you were using around those seven days, and how much time you spent on each app. The report also gathers a great amount of data about your friends. For instance, their location, gender, age, marital status, birthdays and so forth. In addition, there is also an included world map, which highlights the countries of residence your friends belong to.

Friend's Hometown

It allows you to check all sorts of information about your friends network (provided, if they have already shared), such as mutual peeps among you and your friends, how many group clusters are there etc. Not something very useful, but it’s interesting to see who you share most friends with.

Friend network

To conduct your own analysis, simply visit the web page below and sign up for Wolfram Alpha account. It should be noted that no personal information will be made public and only you will be able see it.

Visit Wolfram Alpha

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