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How Do I Find Someone’s Address? 5 Simple Ways

Have you ever been curious about where someone lives? Maybe you need to find their house after you have lost their address. Another reason you might need to know how to find someone’s address is if you’re looking for long-lost family members or old friends or co-workers.

There are several ways to find a person’s address online. The method you need to use depends on a few factors, like whether you know any details about them (number, name, etc.) and if they’re already in your contact list.

Below are the best methods for finding someone’s address. Some of these techniques are totally free (try those first!); other methods with loads of features and high accuracy, will cost you. 

Man searching for an address on a laptop

TruePeopleSearch: Reverse Number, Name, or Email Lookup

By far, the easiest way to find someone’s address for free is with TruePeopleSearch. I’ve used this website for years to track people’s location with their phone number, but it’s also useful if all you have is a name or even an email address.

Here’s how to locate a person’s address with this website:

  1. Visit TruePeopleSearch.
  2. Fill out the Name Search, Phone Search, or Email Search field, depending on the information you have about this person.
  3. Select the search button to start searching for the person’s home address.
  4. Press View Details next to the person you’re interested in.
    Reverse phone number search results on TruePeopleSearch
  5. Scroll down to Current Address. You’ve now found someone’s address using their phone number, name, or email!
    Someone’s current address listed on TruePeopleSearch

Google: Type Anything You Know About Them

I know it sounds too good to be true, but a simple web search using Google, or any other search engine, can yield lots of results about the person. Usually, this method will help you find sites like TruePeopleSearch where you can further your search, but other times you’ll see their address pop up right there on the search results page.

If you need to find an address from a name, give Google a shot, just don’t rely on the I’m Feeling Lucky tool or it’ll likely not work. Here’s what to do:

  1. Open Google and type the person’s name, surrounding all the text in quotes like this: “John Doe”.
  2. If you don’t see their address immediately, add some additional information like the city they’re from, again surrounded in quotes.
  3. Keep tacking on more details to your search, but do it slowly. The more you add, the fewer results you’ll see which is good, but that can also lower your chances of finding the person’s house.
    Google search results for an address using a name

Local Phone Directory: Find an Address Using a Name

You don’t need to dig around sites on the deep web to find someone’s home address because some cities provide this information for you through a digital phone book. This will be a hit-or-miss method for most people because not all locations or companies have this directory. Here’s how to check:

  1. Pull up a search engine like Google and type the following: [city] directory. Alternatively, research which phone companies are in the area you think they live and search for that phone company’s directory.
    A Google search for a phone company
  2. Use the PDF that shows up, or the web-based list, to search for the person’s name. In some cases, this method even serves as a reverse phone lookup solution.
  3. You’ll see their address immediately.
    A name search for an address at a telephone company’s website

BeenVerified: Get Someone’s New Address After They’ve Moved

Do you know their old address? You can find someone’s address using their old home address with a reverse lookup website. This works because public records typically include both past and current addresses, so you’re using their old information to surface the record that might include their new address. 

Here’s how this works with one of my favorite public record search sites. Please note that this website does cost, but there are often really good deals on a subscription, like $1 for a trial spin.

  1. Visit BeenVerified and select Address Lookup from the menu.
  2. Enter the old address into the box and press Search.
    The address search option highlighted on BeenVerified
  3. Wait for the results to compile, then enter your email address in the space provided and select Get Your Results Now.
    Beenverified results
  4. Select Continue next to one of the trial offers to see the results. If you’re curious, here’s a sample BeenVerified report to see exactly what you’ll get when you sign up. Look for Address History in your report to see the person’s current address.
    Address history in a BeenVerified report

Social Networking: Search Facebook or LinkedIn

How can I look up someone’s address if I don’t know their city or name? It’s tough, but not impossible. People like to share stuff on Facebook, sometimes too much stuff. A simple search through all your friends’ posts can garner lots of information, including addresses. It’s not the best method, which is why I leave it last in the list, but it can be helpful if you’re lucky.

  1. Search the site for any information you have on the person. If you don’t have any clue what to write, just type address.
  2. If you’re on Facebook, change the Posts From filter to Your friends (or whatever is relevant to your search).
  3. Browse the results to find the address you’re looking for.
    An address search on Facebook

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I find someone’s address with just their name? Yes, this works most of the time. However, some people erase their information from the web which can make it much harder to find their address using their name.

How do I find someone’s address on Facebook? Type “address” or some other relevant information into the search box. Optionally filter the results by location, friend, date, etc.

How do I find someone’s mailing address? Once you know how to find someone’s address using TruePeopleSearch and other methods, you’ve already found their mailing address. They are one and the same.

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