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aReader Is Fast XPS Viewer That Makes Reading Easier

XPS is an XML-based Page Specification format originally developed by Microsoft. You can find XPS viewer in Windows Vista and Windows 7 which can quickly render XPS documents, allowing you to read contained content. Since native XPS Viewer lacks many essential features for improving reading experience, there is dire need of have an application which can deal with XPS document in a better way. We have previously covered XPS Annotator that can be primarily used to convert XPS document into images. aReader is an open source XPS viewer which has been developed to emphasize on improving user’s readability.

The main interface looks more like an Office 2007 application. On the toolbar, several navigation options are lined up, such as, moving between next and previous pages, jump over to first and last page. Go to box is used to jump over to the page you want to view.


You can get thumbnail preview of document from View tab, while Tools window refers to printing the document. At the bottom, there is a search bar to find keywords and sentences in the document. Underneath the ribbon, options to zoom in/out can be seen while you can quickly switch to two pages view which makes full-screen reading easier. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download aReader

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