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Assign Load Priorities To Projects In Solution In Visual Studio 2010

The reduced solution load time is one amongst many significant improvements of Visual Studio 2010 which provides quicker access to your top priority projects. If you’ve set up load priorities in Visual Studio 2010, you must’ve noticed quicker access to projects while loading an enormous solution having multiple projects. In previous versions, when one huge solution was loaded, users weren’t allowed to access any of the projects until all projects in a solution were finished loading. This leaves users with no other option than to wait until solution loading process, with all underlying projects, gets completed. Although Visual Studio 2010 lets user gain control over which projects in their solutions will be loaded first, it doesn’t provide an easy way to allocate priorities to different projects. The only known way is to use solution load manager API for assigning solution load priorities.

For those who haven’t heard about Visual Studio 2010 solution load time priorities, it provides 4 priorities in total, which are, PLP_DemandLoad, PLP_BackgroundLoad, PLP_LoadIfNeeded, and PLP_ExplicitLoadOnly. Solution Load Manager is an extension for Visual Studio 2010 which provides an easy way for assigning these priorities to your projects in a solution. Solution Load Manager integrates an option to access load priorities window in Tools menu. Once the solution is loaded with multiple projects, select Solution Load Manager from Tools menu.

solution load manager 2

The Solution Load Manger shows all projects of current solution with underlying code files and documents in tree structure at left side. The collapsible/expendables can be used to change load priorities of one project in focus. Select either the project or project file and from Load Priority drop-down menu, choose the priority you want to assign. Underneath the pull-down menu, you can see detailed description regarding all the load priorities.

solution load 3

Each load priority is highlighted with different color, so you can easily differentiate between assigned load priorities of projects. Once priories are defined, click Close to save the solution change. When you launch the solution the next time, each project will be loaded according to assigned priority level. Solution Load Manager works on Visual Studio 2010.

Download Solution Load Manager

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