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Blaze: Automate Tasks That Arise From Everyday Usage

What do you want to do? Launch an app, search for something, compose an email, rename a file, delete or add files in bulk, solve an equation, and what else? Fortunately, Blaze would be the best choice for you since it caters everything. It is a freeware application launcher and automation tool that would return whatever on the planet earth you want in absolutely no time.  Take a whir of it to witness yourself.

Once installed, it sits in the system tray and will start indexing everything. Click it’s icon and enter the search keyword for searching an application, browser, document, image, mail and so on. Once it show you the application name, just press enter to open it up.

app launcher

Apart from a mere app launcher, it also provide you to search for particular mail, additionally you can even create mail on-the-fly with it. On pressing Enter, it will instantly open-up email client mail window (Outlook in our case).

send mail

If you want to search on the web, it will automatically open-up Google/Bing search results page for specified keyword.

google search

You can perform instant calculation with it, apart from basic calculations it would do a complex calculation for you when required.


For configuring Indexing, Skins and Plug-ins settings, right-click the system tray icon and click Settings. It has another very useful feature that will let you redo the actions you have performed earlier, this will enable you to rename, add, delete and performs certain actions in bulk by just entering their respective action IDs. For using this feature click Show Assistant Window and note down action IDs. For debugging each step, click Show Debug Window.

settings 1

Personally, I would highly recommend this nifty app launcher. It is more simpler and straightforward than previously reviewed app launcher Executor.

For complete feature list visit the product page. It works on Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP, worked seamlessly on our Windows 7 32-bit system as well.

Download Blaze


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