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Automatically Play Or Rip DVDs When Inserted With DiscInsert

It can be hard for novice users to perform tasks such as DVD ripping due to lack of knowledge of the process involved and configuration options. Moreover, some good DVD ripping tools can be either deprived or may have an inadequate GUI interface to help users configure DVD ripping parameters easily. DiscInsert is an open source application which provides a user friendly interface to help rip or/and play DVDs immediately after they are inserted. This can be useful if you have to often deal with a sibling or friend who constantly bugs you for help regarding basic DVD playing and ripping tasks. It must be noted that DiscInsert itself does not act as a DVD player or ripping tool but merely makes it easier to play or rip DVDs from source applications. For example, you an configure VLC Media Player to automatically play DVDs when a disc is inserted into the DVD ROM or configure a DVD ripper to start performing ripping tasks for inserted discs. Other than DVD ripping and playing tasks, DiscInsert also retrieves information about the inserted DVD including its full title, MPAA rating, box art, etc.

After installation, you are presented with the configuration options which allow selecting a media player and ripping tool for performing ripping and playing tasks. You can either configure these options immediately or access them later from File –> Config to configure your desired settings. From DVD Ripping tab, select the path of the executable file of the DVD ripping program. In the Parameters text box, make sure that you enter the command line parameters for your DVD ripping program. For example, “RIPPER.EXE -from E: -to C:\DVDRips\Movie Name”. Likewise, a drive letter containing the disc such as % E (E being the drive letter for your CD/DVD drive), %output location and % DVD Title (for fetching information about the DVD from the internet). Also make sure that you choose an Output location. Optionally, you can also enable an error prompt for return code error and hide DVD ripping program to run it in the background.

DVD Ripping

Similarly, select a media player DVD Playing tab and optionally enter parameters.

DVD Playing

Finally, select your DVD drive from the Other tab. You can also select an auto start time for starting the ripping process once the DVD is inserted and set a timeframe after which DiscInsert may stop looking for the Disc (e.g. after 10 seconds).


Once the above mentioned settings are configured, DiscInsert will automatically detect the disc inside the DVD Rom, attempt to download DVD info and allow you to RIP or Play it.


If you click on the RIP option, the ripping process will start, depending on your ripping application the GUI of the ripping tool may or may not appear. During testing we used the formerly reviewed AutoBrake ripping application.

Ripping DVD

Clicking on the Play button will open the video within the pre-configured media player.

Play Video

Provided you have entered the correct parameters, DiscInsert will also fetch box art for the inserted DVD.


Although DiscInsert is meant to simplify tasks for the beginners, common users may find the parameter settings to be quite complex. Moreover, using DiscInsert may require configurations to be performed before hand by an expert user to make it easier to use for the novice user. For this reason DiscInsert still needs a lot of work before it can be as convenient as it is meant to be. To find out more about the parameter settings, check out DiscInsert Wiki here. DiscInsert works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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