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Automatically Reboot To A Different Operating System From Desktop

I have two operating system installed on my system, Windows 7 64-bit and Windows 7 32-bit. Switching between them takes only two clicks on BIOS prompt but iReboot makes sure the whole procedure is automated. Since I am more of a productivity and multitasking guy, it can dramatically help people like me.

Frequently changing between the two OS to test software and various features becomes tiresome. While the system is rebooting, I would do my best to complete other tasks, like cleaning up all junk apps on my iPhone, grabbing a cup of coffee, and so on. iReboot makes it all possible by automating the manual steps and saving few extra minutes of precious time.

Reboot OS Desktop

With this tool you won’t need to sit on the workdesk during the whole rebooting procedure. It is a very lightweight system tray app taking only around 400Kb of memory.

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