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AutoRunnerX Launches Multiple Files And Folders When USB Drive Is Plugged In

Do you have multiple programs, or folders in the USB drive that you want to start every time it’s connected to the computer? AutoRunnerX is a free autostart tool for Windows that runs programs and folders when external hard disk or USB flash drive is connected to the computer. This can come handful when you have large number of portable applications in your USB drive.

To add a program, first click Add and then select whether to add a file or a folder. You can add as many files and folders as you want since there are no such limitations.

autorunnerx adding files

Editing the file/folder name, destination, or parameters is a piece-of-cake. You can also select whether to open the file/folder in normal window, minimized, or maximized. Apart from it you have the ability to create a direct link to this file/folder on the desktop, which can come handy while re-launching an app quickly.

autorunnerx editing file apps

It includes few important options, including the Checksums-function which can improve the overall security if you use lot of portable apps.

autorunnerx options

Below is the screenshot of the USB Drive Link To Desktop which can be enabled by going to options.

usb drive shortuct link to desktop

It works on all versions of Windows, both 32-bit and 64-bit. Enjoy!

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