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Drive Dumper – Clone & Backup Partition Or Hard Drive

Driver Dumper(Dr. Free Data Backup) is a new tool that allows users to backup partition or whole hard drive in the exact same state to any external or internal drive.

Sometimes a need arises where we have to backup the content of an old drive and shift it to a newer drive. In such cases we need to clone the old drive and make an exact duplicate of it in a newer drive.

Driver Dumper performs a low level copying where the magnetic pattern of an entire disk remains intact. The usage is simple, first select the partition or hard drive that you want to clone(including free space and reserved space) and then select the target destination where you want to save it, then hit Start Clone.

free data backup windows 7

When you select the Source, some partitions and hard disk will be grayed out in Target destination if there is not enough space. The exciting part is that you can even clone the Windows partition, i.e, the partition that has Windows installed in it.

Download Drive Dumper

It works on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Enjoy!


  1. It is great that software work on internal and external part of the hard drive, i have an another tool is Kernel for windows data recovery software to recover delete, formatted files from windows.

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