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Backup & Restore Your Documents, Outlook Mailbox & More With EVACopy

Have you ever wondered ,what would you do if you loss your important data due to hard drive failure? Accidents do happen, and they come without any prior notice, so its advisable to frequently make data backups. There are tens of utilities that facilitate in backing up your files to a separate local or network location. We have covered a large number of such tools for Windows platform. Another one in town is EVACopy. This software is a comprehensive backup and restore tool, developed for both system admins and novice users alike. The  portable application includes 3 default sources to backup: My Documents, Favorites and Desktop, combined with Outlook default mailbox. Similar to various other backup application, EVACopy lets you specify either local and/or remote location for creating backups. Apart from keeping backups of your recent documents, you can keep previous versions of backups to restore them later on, should you need to revert back. Another noteworthy features is that it works silently in background without disrupting your workflow. In addition, it allows you to set predefined paths, exclude files and folders from backup operations, tweak with backup logging and perform post-backup actions.

You can specify post-backup actions to streamline your backup operations. The software maintains detailed logs of your backups, so you may check the errors it encountered during the backup and restore process. For the first time usage, you need to configure EVACopy’s basic setup. Under Sources, simply define the folders you want to backup. In Destination, select the folder where your backups will be saved. Set Launching on Automatically or Manually, depending on your preference, and click Save and Launch EVACopy!

EVACopy 6 Basic Setup

To perform backups, right-click on the program’s system tray icon and choose the folders you want to backup. The icon is dynamic and will keep blinking as an indication for an ongoing backup.


To access advanced settings, right-click the system tray icon and select Configure from Settings. You can change destination folders under Predefined Paths, file and folder exclusions can be defined in Paths and Exclusions, logs can be managed through Options and Logging, post-backup operations can be set up under Upon Completion, and automatic backup settings can be changed in Resident.

EVACopy 6 Configuration Tool

EVACopy is an awesome and light-weight data backup tool. The interface is both easy on the usage side and is quite simple to understand. The application works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, on 32-bit and 64-bit OS editions.

Download EVACopy

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