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Backup SD Card/Memory Stick

So you want to make a backup of your memory stick? Memory sticks come in various forms, the most popular being SD Card following by Sony Memory stick, they are the most popular external memory devices after USB Drives. They can be found technically everywhere, from digital cameras to mobile phones.

We reviewed FlashBack a few days ago that makes a backup of external devices, you can use it to make a backup of memory cards too. StickBackup is another tool that has been developed specifically for memory sticks. It is basically a sync tool, you just have to define the source(where memory stick is located) and destination(where you want backup to be saved) folders.


Once you have entered both source and destination directory, click Save. Now hit Continue to make a backup. What it does is create a folder named Backup in the destination directory and copies all the files in it. It does not delete or overwrite the files, instead it will create a new folder named Archive and place the files in it.

Download StickBackup

It is a portable tool developed in Java and works on all versions of Windows. Enjoy!

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  • Amit

    Hello, i am in big trouble, I hide a folder (containing extremely important data) using this software ‘Free Hide Folder’. However, i forgot to make any backup (my mistake). Later I had to reinstall my Operating system (xp) and when i ran FHF after re installation it had kept no track of the hidden folders. Now i cant find that folder of mine. Its still there because it occupies about 3.5gb of my hard disk but its not visible and neither can i access any data inside it. i’ve tried various utilities but to no avail. Please help…..

    • Try using WinSCP(which is a great FTP client), you will notice a hidden folder with your files in it. 🙂