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Backup USB Flash Drive With FlashBack

Many people carry important data on their USB Drives, while others carry portable software that they can use while on the go. In any case, if you USB Flash Drives get lost or stolen, your data would be lost too obviously. To prevent your data being lost, it is always necessary to make a backup copy of it on the hard disk.

Update: FlashBack has been discontinued. However, you can use BackUpAnyWhere to backup your Flash drives at any local or remote location.

FlashBack is a standalone backup tool for external drives that makes backup of every file when the device is connected to the computer. Now this external device could be anything from a USB device, Memory card, MP3 player, to a Camera.

Launch the executable file to run the program, in the Settings dialog window, select the local directory where you want backup to be stored and choose the type of files you want to make a backup of. This Settings dialog will be only be displayed the first time you run the program, after that it won’t ask you anymore.

flashback usb backup

Once done, click Save and it will start making backup of the external device that is connected. If you removed or added some files in your USB drive, this app will make similar changes in the backup folder when you run FlashBack the next time.

It works on all Windows operating systems including the latest Windows 7. Enjoy!


  1. This is cool, and is much easier than doing backups to an external hard drive. Thanks for the motivation and catalyst for those out there who may never get around to doing a backup until it’s too late. Do it today people, there are some really nice high capacity USB Flash Drives out there now, and many even have built-in encryption for your important business files.

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