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Backup Windows Mail Before Upgrading To Windows 7

One feature in Windows Vista that is not included in Windows 7 is Windows Mail, which make users look quite skeptical as to why Windows 7 does not include Windows Mail. The reason being Windows Live Mail (bundled in Windows Live Essentials), gives each & every feature Windows Mail offers, plus a brilliant one, which automatically configures it with most popular services for instance; Windows Live Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, and importantly Gmail.

This strikes a question that what if you need to export every element, data, and settings that  Windows Mail contains to Windows Live Mail? In that case Windows Mail Saver may help you out. Unlike intrinsic Windows Mail export options which can only export Contacts & Mail, it is a small utility which primarily facilitates Vista users to backup and restore Windows Mail elements including; Address book, email messages, mails with attachments, settings, Internet bookmarks & RSS feed subscriptions.

Once all specified Windows Mail elements are backed-up, you can easily import them to Windows Live Mail offering flexibility & a lot more features. Note that we did not test this tool since it only works on Windows Vista and makes backup in wmb format. The screenshot above is taken from developer’s page.

Some notable feature Windows Mail Saver provides;

  • Protection through password to keep data private
  • Transfer Windows Mail data between computers easily
  • Bundle Windows Mail data in single file.

Download Windows Mail Saver

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