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Browse The deviantART Gallery In Windows 8 With PicTRO

deviantART is a famous online gallery where anyone can publish there work for others to see. Other than artworks, you will find photography, literature, films, cartoons, comics, and tools for customizing the operating system, such as themes and UI tweaks. The website allows you to view the posted content according to categories, authors, popularity, etc. Apps for a lot of popular websites, such as Snoo for Reddit, and the official app for TuneIn Radio have started to pop up in the Windows Store. Today, we have a third party app for deviantART called PicTRO that allows you to browse through the entire artwork database. You can view the images according to categories, including Photography, Digital art, Traditional, Artisan, Manga, etc. Images in every category can be viewed in the form of a Slideshow. While viewing an image, you can check out other images from the same author, and share the current one through Email, Facebook, and Twitter.

In order to get the app, go to Windows Store, search for “pictro” and press Enter. From the search results, select the tile named PicTRO to view its product page.

PicTRO Store Search

Click the Install button to quickly download and install the app to your Windows 8 Pro or Windows 8 RT device.

PicTRO Store Main

The main interface of the app contains a lot of pictures divided into 6 categories, namely Photography, Digital Art, Traditional, Artisan, Manga and Fan Art. Clicking any of the images in a category takes you to its own page, enabling you to view all the images inside that category.

PicTRO Main

Click an image to maximize it over the whole screen. You can navigate to the previous and next image by clicking the button available at the left and right side of the current image. Right click anywhere to open the app bar containing options to open the category view for the current picture, view all the images submitted by the same author, view a slideshow and share it with your friends.

PicTRO Image

When you click Share in the app bar, you get the options to either send an email, or share on Twitter and Facebook. You can also send it to your SkyDrive account.

PicTRO Share

You can also search for an image using its name, category, or author name. For instance, press Win+Q to bring up the Search Charms, type in the name of the author you are looking for and press Enter.

PicTRO Search

PicTRO works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 8.

Get PicTRO from Windows Store


  1. Hello, just to let you know an update is available since today. Add download in picture library, pinch to zoom (on tablet), Pin to startscreen, build your own hub with your favorites categories, pickup images to new favorites category.

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